Easy Peasy Nail Art Tutorials

I felt that I could do with a page containing a comprehensive list of my ridiculously easy tutorials to make it easier for you to find a design that you like! Click the photos to go to the posts. These are in descending date order – hence the ones nearer the bottom will be a little crappier! ;P

UPDATE 12th September 2012: I noticed I’ve been getting a lot of hits on this page recently. Then I noticed that I hadn’t updated this page for about 18 months! Sorry about that. If you’re here from a Google search, hello! I hope you like what you find here. I have dozens and dozens (maybe even hundreds?) more nail designs on my blog than what you see here, these are just ones that have tutorials. If you’d like to see a ton more nail designs, click the ‘Tags by feature’ dropdown on the right and select ‘Nail art’. :-)

Galaxy Nails


Pocketful of Sunshine

The Foil Method – Removing Glitter Polish

Saran Wrap/Cling Film Manicure

Tips With A Twist pt II

Winter Bloom (featured on Motel Rocks!)

Tips With A Twist pt I


Flowers on Stripes

Bad Ass Lightning Bolts – Guest post from Emily’s Nail Files!

Hello Kitty – Guest post from Kawaii Nail Art!




Festive Flowers


Purple Flowers

Pirate Nails

WAH Nails/Model’s Own Leopard Print

Winter Berries

Halloween Nail Win (Dripping Blood)

Konad Stamping Placement

How To Apply Water Decals

Corset Nails

Cherry Blossom

Sponged Gradient

Flowers and Dots – The original Easy Peasy tutorial!

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