When you’re dead, lie down.

-Taps microphone-
Is this thing on?

It’s been a while, huh? I’m just checking in for a bit of an opinion, really, especially from other bloggers (although of course I’d be happy to hear from anybody). And a lack of any sort of response will probably tell me the answer!

So, long story short, the service that I use for image hosting is royally screwing me over by forcing me to sign up to a new plan that costs 4 times as much as I’ve been paying for the 10 years I’ve used their service, or lose access to my account and every single image on this blog will disappear. If I were still blogging on any sort of regular basis, I’d probably just go for it. But let’s be realistic here, I’ve published two posts in the last 12 months and both of those were sponsored. It’s plain to see that my heart’s not in it anymore, my life is extremely different now to what it was in 2009 when I started Do Not Refreeze, or what it was in 2013 when this site was at its peak. I needed blogging, back then, it filled a void in my life. I don’t need it now, haven’t for a long time, actually, and the whole scene leaves me feeling bored and bitter and jaded so it’s pretty safe to say I’m not coming back.

However, herein lies the problem – I’m still proud of what I did with Do Not Refreeze and would like to keep it around. I’m happy to still pay for the hosting and my domain name, but no way in hell am I paying quadruple my annual payment for image hosting under the threat of losing everything. I don’t negotiate with terrorists. Despite this being the first time I’ve even logged into my WordPress dashboard since May, I still actually get a fair chunk of traffic from Google searches (my SEO was always on point, sorry ’bout it) and I myself still like to come and look back on old posts sometimes. It seems a shame to just let it die, but can I REALLY be bothered to download THOUSANDS of images from my soon-to-be-ex-image-host, find somewhere else to host them, and go through THOUSANDS of blog posts changing THOUSANDS of image links for something that is no longer an important part of my life?

I don’t know, you tell me. Is keeping this place alive, but dormant, worth the massive investment of time and effort, or should I just know that when you’re dead, you need to lie down?

2 thoughts on “When you’re dead, lie down.

  1. Honestly, I say do it! Keep your brilliant blog alive! Easy for me to say though, considering I’m not the one going through that painstaking process. But it would be such a shame to see all your years of running this (great) blog, and all the posts, go to waste. Makeup swatches will always be in demand, and many of us don’t particularly follow makeup trends, or come into the game late, and a post from 2010 will be just as valuable as one from 2017. Great to hear from you again, I appreciate you taking the time to leave this update! x

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