November Highlights


Money is getting reeeal frackin’ tight lately. Fortunately all my fun stuff this month has either been free or paid for well in advance, yknow, when I actually had expendable cash. LOL expendable cash, what’s that again?

Remember, Remember

I bloody love fireworks. The last time I saw a properly decent display for fireworks night was when I was living in the Olympic Village (which feels like about eight lifetimes ago), but this year my good pal Karleigh and her stupidly hospitable family invited me into the fold for their own firework display and delicious food. Definitely the best back-garden fireworks I’ve ever seen, a good evening and much appreciated ♥

Twenty One Pilots

As if I’m ever going to pass up a chance to see them when they play in the UK? This time round I took my sister, who is now a fully converted fan thanks to their epicly energetic shows. It was the first time that I’d visited Alexandra Palace as a music venue and DO. NOT. LIKE. Won’t go there again – unless Twenty One Pilots play there again because I just can’t say no. It wasn’t quite the same without Leanne, though.

Panic! at the Disco

Speak of the devil, I did pay Leanne a visit. November saw me travelling further north than I ever had in my life… to Manchester. Not even kidding, my previous record was Birmingham. Even when visiting other countries, it’s always been south of Birmingham on the equator! But there was a good reason for my northern sojourn – Leanne and I were going to see Panic. Second time I’ve seen both of these bands this year, and second time seeing Leanne, too. Opinions of Manchester? Pretty buildings, nice Christmas market, but TOO BLOODY COLD.


November was a pretty good month all in all, but I’m as surprised as you are that some of the most fun I had was just last night, at a crafting event with John Lewis. With a bunch of other bloggers (who are all far more talented than I) and guided by the DIY expertise of Zoe Bateman AKA Ladybird Likes, we each got to customise ourselves a Christmas jumper from the John Lewis Collection Weekend range, using items from John Lewis’ haberdashery shop, natch. I went for this little number and eschewed the bows, lace and pompoms adorning everyone else’s jumpers in favour of some very amateur felt cut outs and red buttons to create sprigs of holly, and of course, a slogan. Anyone else feeling Festive AF? I sure am after that and will definitely be rocking mine on Christmas Jumper Day on 16th December.

What have you been up to in November?

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