October Highlights


The problem with social media and blogs and YouTube channels and all that other bollocks, is that to get anywhere at all, you have to be ‘aspirational’. I’ve never really subscribed to the notion of comparing my entire life, warts and all, to the carefully curated ‘best bits’ of someone else’s. So for that reason, I don’t mind admitting that October has been utter, UTTER shite. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done some fun shit that’s reminded me how incredibly grateful I am to have such good friends. But overall, I genuinely cannot remember a worse period of my life than this. It fucking sucks and hurts and sucks and hurts.

BUT ANYWAY. Fun stuff.

Cake & Bake Show

Actually, in hindsight, the Cake & Bake Show itself was a bit of a letdown. Sheenie, Karleigh and I headed along to ExCel near the beginning of the month with expectations to blow a shit ton of money on exciting kitchenware, but nah. It was overcrowded, overpriced and even when you could elbow your way to the front of a mob and look at what the vendors were selling, there was nothing you can’t get either cheaper or easier from the likes of Amazon or Lakeland. Lesson learned and £12 wasted – but we did slightly make up for it with a crack of the Emirates Cable Car across the docklands and a decent lunch at the O2.


There is a small crowd of old school bloggers – I guess most of us are ex-bloggers now, really – who call ourselves the Class of 2009. We are united by a disdain for flatlays and follower counts, and a love of sarcasm and food. Given that many of us are spread some distance across the country with various kids, husbands, empty lives (me), it took some planning to find a weekend that most of us could do but we eventually all converged on Helen’s house for a weekend where we essentially just cooked for each other, played Cards Against Humanity, watched shit telly and slobbed about in sheet masks. Top time, top girls. Again, please.

Return to Hogwarts

It’s been almost two years since Kat and I last visited the Warner Bros Studio Tour, so we were well overdue a Harry Potter fix. There’s way more to see there now than there was in 2014, so it was totally worth going again. And now they have Butterbeer Ice Cream?! I mean, that’s not even a thing, is it? But god damn is it Instagram-worthy. And much more palatable than straight Butterbeer considering I can’t drink fizzy stuff. I was a bit emotionally fragile that day anyway, so when Kat pointed out that a couple of people had left socks for Dobby laid over a plaque of his name I very nearly cried. Fuck sake.

New Digs

So you probably know that over a year ago, I had to leave my lovely flat in the Olympic Village and move back in with my parents after a bad breakup. I’d sort of underestimated how difficult it was to live on one income, particularly when living so far out of London and paying through the nose to commute, so my plans to only stay at home for a few months before moving out again had been kind of shat on, to tell you the truth. Then, in its funny habit of doing so, life threw a curveball.

10 years ago, I had this friend Charlee. I may have been a few months older but totally looked up to this girl, she was just so fucking cool and kind and I wanted to be just like her. As time passed, we both got boyfriends, finished secondary school, went to different colleges, moved away, and just sort of fell out of touch. I’d seen her once or twice in passing, but nothing more than that. It had to have been at least 7 years since we last saw each other when she messaged me out of the blue on Facebook a few weeks ago: “Oi Parsons, do you wanna be my roomie?”. She knew I was looking, and her flatmate was moving out. Within about 12 hours of heading round to see her and the flat, we’d agreed and cracked on with changing the names on the tenancy agreement. Just over two weeks later, I moved in. Funny how shit works out, huh? She’s still really fucking cool, by the way.

So yeah, that’s me this month. It’s been a really difficult one. I’m completely drained. Emotionally, financially, physically exhausted. The worst is yet to come, but I look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel.

2 thoughts on “October Highlights

  1. Sorry to hear that October was so disappointing, but your new living situation looks like a definite move in the direction of better days, even if it’s going to take some time to get there. Sometimes life sucks, but it doesn’t always suck, although that’s often hard to remember when it is sucking so hard.

    And please don’t become an ex-blogger! I enjoy your posts a great deal, even if I don’t comment much (er, at all). One of the many delights of your blog is gathering ideas for our next trip to London – I keep a running list, and many of them are from you! Thanks!

    1. You’ve no idea the smile your comment just put on my face! Thanks so much for saying hi. I don’t plan to disappear entirely, never really have done, but certainly haven’t considered myself a proper ‘blogger’ in a good couple of years. I stick my head in now and again and that’s enough, but it’s heartening to know there are a handful of people still reading! Thanks again.

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