Recipe: No-Churn Vanilla Ice Cream


I’ve always quite fancied having a crack at making my own ice cream. Foolishly, I always assumed it would require the use of a dedicated ice cream maker, you know, the kind that churns the ice cream constantly as it freezes to prevent the mixture from crystalising. And I was never going to buy one of those, no matter how much I like ice cream – who has the money or storage space for a kitchen gadget that only does one job? Hell naw. It was either that, or stirring the mixture every 30 minutes for several hours while it freezes – who can be bothered?!

So when I was given a recipe and some ingredients for no-churn ice cream, you bet your ass I was pretty frigging excited. Even more so when I realised that the recipe itself only requires four ingredients. You heard that right, four. Of course, now I’ve got the basic vanilla recipe down I’ve got endless scope to experiment with different flavours, but I promise you’ll be astounded too at just how easy it is.

You will need…

4 free range eggs, separated
100g caster sugar
300ml double cream
1tsp vanilla extract

(FYI, I doubled the quantities, because ice cream.)

You start more or less the same way as making a meringue. If you have a stand mixer, life will be much easier but you can absolutely do it by hand. Whisk your egg whites vigourously to the soft peak stage. Continue whisking while you slowly tip in the caster sugar, until the mixture is thick, stiff and glossy.

Now fold in the egg yolks, cream and vanilla carefully, keeping as much air in the whites as you can, until just combined. It’s worth beating the yolks very lightly with a fork first just to break them up before folding in. Now decant from your mixing bowl into whatever containers you have lying around – tupperware, a loaf tin, etc. If it doesn’t have a lid (they always go missing, right?) just cling film it, you’ll be fine. I used a couple of Pyrex containers because I’m fancy af.

All that’s left to do is exercise your patience muscle and wait at least 6 hours for your ice cream to freeze. Then scoop into bowls or cones, top with whatever little extras you fancy and have at it!

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