July Highlights


Well, summer seems to have been and gone in the space of about a week. Good one, Britain. I’m just loving you more and more this year. NAAHHHT. Still, despite the polar extremes in weather (either freezing rain or hotter than the sun), July’s been pretty decent.


So I know I’ve already written about my recent trip to Brighton with my sister, but it was definitely the highlight of my month. I’m really keen to get back to Brighton, and spending just one day near the beach has got me gagging for some more coastal visits before the weather goes to total shite. Anyway, please do go read the post if you haven’t already, not gonna lie, I’m quite proud of it.


I had grand plans for my workplace’s quarterly away day. We were to visit ClueQuest (love a good escape game), followed by a catered barbeque in Caledonian Park with a giant game of Jenga and generally having a jolly old time in the glorious British summer. HA, FAT CHANCE. It pissed down ALL day, so after escaping from ClueQuest we reverted to plan B of huddling under a gazebo on the rooftop of the office. Didn’t quite go as planned, but a fun time had by all despite being slightly damp. I genuinely really do love the people I work with and count myself very lucky for that.

Pokemon GO

I give literally zero fucks how lame you might think the Pokemon GO phenomenon is. It’s fun as shit and if you don’t like having fun, that’s cool, you do you. For me, as someone who grew up with the games and the anime (and actually still plays the games today and gets very excited when a new one is released), it is SO cool. All my childhood dreams come true. Except my childhood dreams of becoming a real life Pokemon master probably didn’t involve catching about eighty six million Drowzees because that’s all that spawns near my god damn office. I’m loving it, though, and can’t quite figure out why some people seem to hate it so much. What is there to hate about a game that gets people out and about and making friends with strangers? I’ve walked about 40 miles this week alone, which can only be a good thing (except I can feel the lining of my favourite pair of trainers starting to wear away and that is INTENSELY UNCOOL).

Staying Saaahf

It’s been about a year since I moved back home. Honestly, I thought I’d only be there for a few months but appear to have grossly underestimated how difficult it is to live on a single income. So when my good pals Jimmy and Jo needed a cat/house sitter while they swanned off on holiday, I jumped at the chance to spend a week back in the city. It was absolutely glorious to have my own space and not spend 4 hours a day commuting, and the cats aren’t bad company either (although I would prefer my dogs, natch).

Foodie Things

July has been a GOOD month for food. I’ve been out for dinner a lot – highlights include Dozo for incredible Japanese food and Drake & Morgan for great grilled dishes and cocktails. I spent a good chunk of one Saturday wandering around Borough Market for inspiration and picked up some things I’m really excited about including a huge slab of nduja sausage (FINALLY, been looking for ages) and a bottle of liquid smoke. There’s even been some good culinary adventures at home; my dad brought me some live scallops fresh from the Weymouth coast on a diving weekend which meant my first time shucking them and my first time cooking them. I’ve even had a crack at homemade ice cream – details coming soon!

So, what have you been up to in July? Any fun plans for August? My month ahead is looking fairly quiet so far…

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