May Highlights


Well, it’s unrealistic to expect any other month this year to come close to April, but May’s been pretty damn decent all the same.

Woodland Walks

Can never get enough of these. My dogs are big, heavy and strong. Unfortunately, one of them is a right little shit on the lead so it’s inadvisable to walk him in places where he’d require a lead unless you fancy dislocating your shoulder from its socket on any given day. He’s perfectly well behaved off lead, though, so there are few things that fill me with more joy than taking them both to my favourite local woods to burn off some energy. I love seeing the flora in this place changing through the seasons – May has been prime time for bluebells.

Pimps & Pinups

You know, I genuinely can’t remember how long it had been since my last haircut. I think it was somewhere around the 15 month mark, which is shocking, I know. Call it laziness, and living-out-in-the-sticks syndrome. But a couple of weeks ago I popped along to my old digs in Spitalfields to visit Pimps & Pinups, a fresh, fun salon (that plays some serious tunes, by the way) on Lamb Street that has sorted my mop right out. The lovely Enzo chopped a good 5 or 6 inches off my hair – I didn’t realise how long it had got! – and has given it tons of bounce and movement. I love it, and will definitely be back. And that fresh-from-the-salon feeling has continued at home, too, thanks to Pimps & Pinups’ own product range, available in salon and online exclusively at Asos. The Rose Oil shampoo and conditioner have done wonders for the frizzy texture of my hair, smoothing it right out without weighing it down at all. I’m also pretty madly in love with the Blow Tone, a first of its kind blow-dry spray that contains a hint of colour to keep your hair bright and fresh. Top marks all round – if you get the chance, GO.

Norwich: A Fine City

I actually lol’d when I mentioned I was heading to Norwich to stay with my cousin one weekend, and Erica told me that the town’s motto is ‘A Fine City’. But you know what? It totally is. Despite being the most populous city in the county of Norfolk, it retains its history impeccably well – there are old churches on nearly every street, the city centre still houses the oldest permanent market in the country, and Norwich Castle is perched overlooking much of the city. From nearly any vantage point, you’ll be able to spot the castle somewhere in your line of sight. The exact date it was built is unknown, but historians place it at circa 1067. Getting on for a thousand years old?! That’s incredible. Norwich Cathedral is nearly as old as the castle, built somewhere between 1096 and 1145 and truly is something to behold. A stunning feat of gothic architecture, my favourite part of the Cathedral is the cloisters – the second largest cloisters of any cathedral in the UK, they look like something out of a Harry Potter film.

And it’s not all just history – in 2006, local artist Rory Macbeth painstakingly painted all 40,000 words of Sir Thomas More’s novel Utopia on the old Eastern Electricity building as part of a contemporary art exhibition. It was due for demolition in 2007, but the city’s residents have become so fond of it that it’s still there ten years later. Oh, and the absolute highlight of my weekend? Meeting Ozzie, an incredible Collie who can do handstands on benches. Yeah, believe it. If you’ve never considered Norwich for a weekend break in the UK, I implore you to do so. It’s brilliant.

So, what did you get up to last month?

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