21 impossibly satisfying feelings

  • Waking up naturally two minutes before your alarm goes off, thus having the time to mute it and revel in the fact that you are returning to consciousness calmly rather than to the harsh sound of your phone vibrating on your bedside table.
  • Making a cup of tea (slash coffee, slash hot chocolate, slash whatever your hot poison). Temporarily forgetting about it, going ‘oh shit’, then picking it up to discover you’ve caught the bugger at perfect drinking temperature.
  • Having your headphones in and the song you’re listening to ends at just the right moment. Bonus points if the very last beat plays as the train doors open.
  • Taking the first bite of something really bad for you. An enormous burger oozing with cheese, a dirty kebab from the only takeaway in your vicinity that’s still open at 4am, you get the gist. Just the first bite, though. We all know that by the fifth mouthful you feel like absolute crap.
  • Packing your summer/winter clothes away in a vacuum storage bag, and watching the whole thing shrink as you hoover the air out of it. Rather less satisfying when you remove them later and every item has a thousand tiny creases in it, but we’ll worry about that later.
  • Getting home after a long day (or night!), and taking your bra off. Absolue BLISS.
  • Getting a cold and spending approximately three days whining about how sick you are and how you’ve forgotten what it feels like to be well and healthy. Then, waking up the next day and suddenly realising you can breathe through your nose again and, in fact, you will not be ill for the rest of your life.
  • Grabbing clothes out of the dryer right after it’s finished, then burying your face in them. Mmmm, sweet fabric-softener scented warmth. Nothing quite like it.
  • Not a common one in the UK I’ll admit, but destroying a fresh, untouched blanket of snow. Hello, clear crisp covering of white. You look beautiful today. Meet my muddy welly boots. CRUNCH.
  • Peeing when you were this frigging close to a bladder explosion.
  • Lobbing something vaguely in the direction of the bin and achieving the unexpected slam dunk.
  • Having an random, impossible to ignore itch in a place that can’t really be scratched in public – think butt cheek, inner thigh, etc – and running off to the loo or something to relieve it. Ahhh.
  • Peeling the layer of protective plastic off a newly purchased electrical device.
  • Meticulously unwrapping a present without tearing any of the paper.
  • The sweet spillage of bright, sunny orange when you break into a runny egg yolk.
  • The unbeatable combination of clean sheets and freshly shaved legs.
  • Actual, real goosebumps and a lump in your throat from listening to certain music.
  • When your ears unexpectedly pop back to normal hours after going all stuffy on a plane journey.
  • Laughing so hard it physically hurts your stomach. The best kind of pain.
  • The excitement on someone’s face when they open a gift that you bought them and it’s just perfect.
  • Stretching your entire body after a long trip where your legs have been cramped up. Bonus points if any of your joints crack.


3 thoughts on “21 impossibly satisfying feelings

  1. Ha, I love this! I literally sat here giggling and nodding through the entire post – it really is the simplest of things that bring sooo much satisfaction! Thanks for this, just what I needed today xx

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