Where to eat in London


Or, the more descriptive title – Where To Eat In London (If You Don’t Want To Feed The Corporate Demons Or Go Anywhere Too Hipster Like Meat Liquor Which Is Basically The Food Equivalent Of Hollister, Like, Why Would I Not Want To Be Able To See What I’m Eating? Why Is It So Frigging Dark In Here?). Thought that was probably a bit long, though.

Anyway. You know how much I love food. I live to eat. So when Millenium Hotels started compiling a list of hidden foodie gems in London and asked me to contribute, I was hardly going to pass up the chance to plug my all time favourite StickyWings. I’ve reviewed StickyWings before (here), and if you follow me on Instagram you can expect a sneaky buffalo wing snap at least every couple of months.

As much as StickyWings will always come top of my own personal list, other bloggers have made some seriously bangin’ contributions to Millenium Hotels’ infographic and I definitely want to check some of them out. The full list is way too big for me to upload on my humble little blog, but here’s a snapshot – please do click through to see the full thing. I accept no responsibility for any immediate resulting hunger pangs. What’s tickling your fancy?

Hidden Foodie Gems in London

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