Rainbow Kaleidoscope Nails


I first discovered the world of stamping nail art way back in 2009 and have amassed quite the collection of various plates over the years. Still, until I ordered some new plates recently from MoYou London, I’d managed to forget quite how much I loved it.

Despite looking mega intricate, this was stupidly easy to achieve, if a little time consuming. They probably took about an hour, inclusive of drying time between the base and stamping. The base is just random splodges of the OPI Color Paints like I did in this post, then topped off with a design from MoYou’s Kaleidoscopic collection plate 04. Sure, my stamping’s a little rusty, could have done with centering the design a bit more carefully on each nail but I still think it looks pretty damn cool.

5 thoughts on “Rainbow Kaleidoscope Nails

  1. I’ve never seen stamps like that before! I love those, I’m going to definitely order myself some and try this out! You did a beautiful job on your nails by the way, they are pretty damn cool(:


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