IMATS London 2015: In Pictures


I am pleased to report that my immune system didn’t completely fail for my sixth consecutive visit to IMATS London (you might remember I was mega ill last year and just spent the whole time moaning about it). In fact, I enjoyed myself so much in the company of lovely ladies Bicky and Christine that I sort of forgot about my usual habit of taking fifty thousand photos… but here are some I did manage to take.

I’m not sure why, but the atmosphere felt a little different at IMATS this year and I can’t quite decide if it was for the better or not. It felt like there were more attendees, and less exhibitors – in reality, there were probably more but the absence of some IMATS mainstays was palpable, mostly notably in the form of OCC and Charles Fox. Those two have been there every year I’ve visited, and I’ve bought things from the both of them every year too so they were sorely missed. But, as a whole, I think IMATS is getting bigger and better every year. Looking forward to the next one already!

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