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I am a total sucker for a good mashup. YouTube (and the internet at large) is absolutely littered with terrible ones but dig through the debris of destroyed songs and you can find some serious gems. The majority of mashups you’ll come across will be one song’s vocals pasted over another’s backing track, but it’s all about the ones that utilise the music and lyrics of two (or more!), reimagining them in a completely new way. Here’s a little compilation of some of my absolute favourites.

1. Prostiye Dvizheniya/Links 2 3 4t.A.T.u vs Rammstein

The majority of this list is in no particular order, with the exception of this one. There are lots of t.A.T.u/Rammstein mashups out there, most seemingly by a Russian fella by the name of Muffin, and they’re all frigging marvellous. I had a really hard time choosing which one to stick in here, but I think this might just be the ultimate one. I came across these mixes years ago, maybe 2007, and will never get over how much I love them. Also highly recommended: 30 Minutes Without You, All About What and Pokazhi/Mein Hertz Brennt. Amaaazing.

2. Bat Country GurlsAvenged Sevenfold vs Katy Perry

Avenged Sevenfold are in my top 5 favourite bands ever. Katy Perry is probably in my top 5 most hated artists. But somehow, take a sprinkling of Bat Country and a dash of California Gurls and it creates something rather brilliant. How do they go together? HOW?! I don’t know, but they definitely do.

3. United State of Pop 2009 (Blame It On The Pop)DJ Earworm

This fella is dedicated. DJ Earworm creates a huge mashup every December, featuring (usually) the top 25 Billboard hits for that year. I mean, they’re all good, but 2009 is surely the cream of the crop. The songs all flow so well together – how fortunate that a lot of them included the word ‘down’ in the lyrics – and I guarantee you’ll be singing this for days.

4. Lying MilkshakePanic! at the Disco vs Kelis

Sadly no video seems to exist anywhere, but here’s a link to listen and download. First one on the list!

The first verse sounds like it’s going to be a bit of a let down, Panic’s Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have… overlayed with an intermittent ‘la la, la la la’ from Kelis. But hang on. ‘Let’s get these teen hearts beating faster – the boys are waiting!’ then POW, great chorus.

5. Fat Bottomed Girls Come TogetherQueen vs The Beatles

Two epic bands, two epic songs, one epic mashup. You know the whole notion about something being greater than the sum of its parts? That. Love the rather risque blended lyrics, too: ‘fat bottomed girls, come together, over me’. Kinky.

6. Radioactive ParadiseImagine Dragons vs Coldplay

We’re halfway through so let’s chill it out a little. There’s a lot of mashups featuring Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive, but if you ask me this is by far and away the best one. Both tunes have that spine-tingling anthemic vibe without being loud or in your face, and the combinaton is pretty beautiful.

7. Tick-ToxicGwen Stefani vs Britney Spears

I’ve always loved the electropop synth in Britney’s Toxic. Gwen’s vocal from What You Waiting For? works so well over it, the ebb-and-flow of Toxic’s backing track adding a different emphasis to parts of the lyrics. My favourite part is ‘your moment will run out ’cause of your sex chromosome’ over the Toxic violin. The mixer has done a really good job of tweaking Gwen’s pitch in places too, to better match the track.

8. Can’t Shake It OffRed Hot Chili Peppers vs Taylor Swift

The chorus on this one is the absolute bomb. How wrong can you go with the stupidly infectious Taylor Swift and always excellent Chili Peppers? You can’t. Throughout the song you’ll only hear an occasional utterance of ‘can’t stop’ from Anthony Kiedis, but at the very end, they’ve kept the a capella line which gives the whole thing a perfect full stop.

9. Set Fire to the EndAdele vs Linkin Park

If you’re a Linkin Park fan (hand up), particularly the Hybrid Theory era (both hands up!), you’ll find it jarring to hear the intro to In The End without Chester Bennington’s gorgeous gravelly voice saying ‘it starts with one…’. But, wait, there’s Adele coming in and suddenly everything is right with the world.

10. E.T./Centuries – Katy Perry vs Fall Out Boy

Deja vu! Another of my favourite bands with the utter pain in the butt that is Katy Perry, but I will admit that E.T. is pretty catchy as it is. Smoosh it together with some Fall Out Boy and you’re only going to improve matters. Katy’s pitch has been lowered a bit which makes it less obnoxious, and in fact, pretty enjoyable to listen to. Amazing what a bit of Fall Out Boy can do, huh? I do find myself missing Patrick’s Stumps voice in this one, but it’s still damn good.

11. Dirty RoxanneMichael Jackson vs The Police

Again, already two great songs with a reasonably similar theme, so it sort of makes sense that they should gel well. I love the switch up – it begins with (mostly) Sting’s vocals over the Dirty Diana backing track, then halfway through it somehow seamlessly swaps to Michael’s voice over Roxanne’s music. Brilliant.

12. Smells Like BootyliciousNirvana vs Destiny’s Child

Nirvana and Destiny’s Child you say? What now? Well, give it a go. The grunge guitar of Smells Like Teen Spirit and Kurt Cobain’s apathetic ‘hello, hello, hello, hello’ works incredibly well with the attitude of Bootylicious. The Destiny’s girls have had their tempo upped a bit to keep up with Nirvana, and I could listen to the result on repeat for ages.

13. Jumpin’ Jack Flash/Moves Like JaggerGlee Cast

Ok, this one’s sort of cheating since it’s a cover rather than the two originals spliced together. Not even slightly ashamed to admit that I was (am!) a Gleek, and among the copious amounts of mashups they did, this was easily the best one. What I really want is for some clever clogs to mash the actual Rolling Stones and Maroon 5 numbers together in the same arrangement as the Glee version… a girl can dream.

What are your favourite mashups? Link me up! I’m always expanding my playlists. Especially fond of the juxtaposition of metal and pop, so if you’ve got any of that up your sleeve, please do send it my way.

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