Puppy Takeover: Juke Box Hero

Jukey GoPro

Hi, Do Not Refreeze readers! I’m Juke, Leanne introduced me a few months ago. As you can see, I’ve grown quiiite a lot since then but I’m nowhere near finished yet.

Anyway, the lovely humans over at Petplan have decided that I would be a much better blogger than Leanne (they’re not wrong), so here I am. In fact, I’ve gone one better, and I’ve made my debut as a vlogger, too! Would you look at that, I’m 21 weeks old and have already made more of an effort on YouTube than Leanne has done in 23 years…

Last Saturday morning, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself because Leanne and mum had just taken me to the V-E-T and I had to have my temperature taken (I know you know what that entails, ouch). But then the postman came and brought me a GoPro camera and a special Fetch harness, so I could film a day in my life! It took the humans a while to figure out how to strap me in – sigh, what are they like – but they managed it in the end. I’ve got to admit, I loved being a director and the leading actor. Toro and I played in the garden, I even had some fun chasing dad around, then we got to go in the car (BEST. THING. EVER.) down to the seafront. When we got home, Rachel and her friends were finally out of bed. Leanne said something about hangover, whatever that means, but apparently it makes you sleep until 3pm. It was a pretty busy afternoon, so once mum had given me something to eat (obviously I tried to jump on the counter, that’s what you’re supposed to do, right?) I took a long nap in my favourite spot under the table.

If there are any mums and dads of puppy pals reading this, don’t forget that as our humans it’s your responsibility to keep us healthy and happy. In return, it’s our responsibility to be your best friend ever. Pretty fair deal, right? You never know what tomorrow will bring, so if your dog is not insured, DO IT. With any luck, you’ll never need to rely on it, but better to be safe than sorry. Check out Petplan’s dog insurance policies and cover your canine!

I hope you enjoyed my puppy takeover. This post has been made possible thanks to Petplan, but of course, all views are my own. I am an opinionated pup. Without further ado, rock out with me to my personal power tune and enjoy my GoPro video!

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