Introducing Juke, and some canine rambling


Edit: I should probably tell you that Juke has his own Instagram account! Give him a follow, you won’t regret it.

I’ve always said I’m not too bothered about owning property. Mainly because, already being stuck in the endless circle of get-paid-pay-rent-rinse-lather-repeat, I doubt I’ll ever have the opportunity to get a mortgage deposit together but also because I don’t see renting my home as ‘dead money’ like many people do. Anyway, that’s sort of by the by. My point is, the only thing I absolutely hate about renting is not being able to have pets.

Something about life just feels incomplete without a pet. Dogs are my absolute weakness. 100% dog person through and through. Cats are cute, sure, but they don’t love you like a dog does. Nothing loves you the way a dog does. They’re called man’s best friend for a reason! I’m convinced that they have the propensity to relieve stress and depression. But naturally, with immeasurable love comes even more immeasurable heartbreak at the end of their unjustly short lifespans. Colin and I have been together for almost 7 years, and I’ve seen him deal with serious family illness, his parents’ divorce, his brother suffering terrible injury yet the only time I have ever seen him cry is when his labrador Max died in 2012.

My family and I felt a similar pain when our beloved german shepherd Bella became ill last year and we lost her in June. Dad took it particularly hard – Bella was his best friend. My parents’ next door neighbour owned a shepherd, too, by the name of Toro. He was bred by a security firm as a guard dog, but they didn’t want him because he was too soft. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Toro was treated badly, but he was confined to a life outdoors as the neighbour’s wife won’t allow dogs in the house. After Bella died, dad took to walking Toro every day and they bonded like no one’s business over the next few months. The neighbours were planning a few weeks away in December, so my parents quickly volunteered to dog-sit. Well, the short version of the story is – Toro never went back to the neighbours’ kennel outside. He officially adopted mum and dad as his new humans just before Christmas.

Months before Toro’s adoption, which was as unplanned a development as it was a welcome one, mum and dad were toying with the idea of getting a new puppy. They found an incredible breeder (if you’re looking to get a labrador or german shepherd, you must consider Christinwood – Penny’s dogs are amazing) and the litter was born in December. I went along on a couple of puppy visits and we all helped choose which little guy we’d be taking home, and home is where he came this weekend, on the 31st January. He is a happy, playful, furry little bundle of absolute joy and my heart just squeezes every time I look at him. What with the recent additions of Toro and the pup, the house has gone from feeling empty and quiet to full of life (and dog hair). They’re getting on like a house on fire, by the way.

So, with no further rambling, let’s get to some dog spam. Introducing Juke!

If you have a dog, please do tell me all about your furry buddy and spam me right back with photos galore. I would love to see!

6 thoughts on “Introducing Juke, and some canine rambling

  1. I’m so glad that your parents are able to give Toro a better life than the one he had. We got our dog under similar cirumstances – a lady claimed the dog (a Staffie cross, seen here in her formal wear bit her youngest daughter and wanted to have her put down, but my dad offered to take her in without telling anyone else – he just brought her home and she’s never left! I wouldn’t be without her and she is wonderful with children, my 2 year old nephew bullies her and she just tolerates it (we of course remove her from him often so she doesn’t get stressed but she is so good.) I still resent her previous owner for lying to try and have her put down because she is such a good family pet that it was a completely unnecessary option.

    Sorry I went on a bit of a tangent there, I don’t usually comment on blogs, but this was close to home. Your dogs are adorable and I always love reading your blog!

  2. Aww I love a happy ending, I could not imagine leaving Jasp outside at any time let alone making him spend his life outside I think it’s cruel (although I know it’s technically not in most cases) it’s so nice that you gave Toro a home that is full of love and he’ll have a loads better life with a family who wants to interact with him and treat him as a member of the family.

    Puppies are amazing little things because although I would imagine Toro will love you unconditionally, Juke will see you all as his family from day one so there’s always a really special bond with a dog who you’ve nurtured from a young age. I honestly wouldn’t be without Jasp now, he’s my actual dog baby and the thought of him dying makes me tear up (even though I know it’s horribly inevitable). Unless you’re a dog person you’ll never understand the relationship we have with the little furballs but I know exactly what you mean when you say your heart squeezes because I look at Jasp like I imagine i would look at my child – he can do no wrong in my eyes and he’s totally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

    I could babble about dogs forever so I’ll stop now ha.

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