A million dead end streets

Happy New Year! Chances are, by the time this post is published, I won’t have long gone to bed and will be up in a few hours with the mother of all hangovers. I hope you all had a great holiday and are feeling considerably better than I inevitably am.

I guess this post is more of a drop-in and bit of housekeeping than anything else. If you’re a regular or long-term reader (thank you!), it can’t have escaped your attention that my blog has taken a noticeably more foodie direction in recent months. I totally intend for that to continue in 2015, although I haven’t quite figured out how it’s going to work in tandem with the usual beauty stuff. I still enjoy writing about beauty, but honestly I have become really disillusioned with beauty blogging over the last year. Do Not Refreeze will probably be a bit of a work in progress for a while as I figure out its new dynamics and stuff, but hopefully you’ll stick around and can enjoy the eclectic mish-mash of nail polish, eyeshadow swatches, recipes and restaurant reviews.

Wishing you all an unbeatable 2015 x

2 thoughts on “A million dead end streets

  1. You’re not the only disillusioned with the recent direction that beauty blogging/vlogging has taken! Been reading your blog for ages and really enjoy it, so defo going to stick around to see what comes along :)

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