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Oops, I didn’t really plan for that two week absence there. To be perfectly honest, I’ve just not been in the mood at all to sit down and write anything lately. Work has been insanely busy and trying to take blog photos has been an utter nightmare; I know this is something that all bloggers suffer with in the winter! Still, this sparkling little beauty of a topcoat has inspired me to at least attempt to blog. Say hello to Barry M Starlight!

It’s been a really, really long time since I bought anything from high street heroes Barry M, but I saw their three new festive top coats on Zoe’s blog and immediately headed to Boots the same day to track them down. I got very frustrated at only being able to find two – Starlight and Moonlight – until I realised that the third one, Twilight, is exclusive to Tesco. It turns out that finding a Tesco which carries Barry M is easier said than done, so it appears I won’t be completing this trio any time soon!

Even so, I’m pretty happy with Starlight (which is the only one I’ve worn so far). It lasted a full week before any minor chips became too unsightly, and I wore it over plain black to show the glitter pieces off properly. There are tiny little pieces of holographic glitter in the background, larger holographic hex glitters and little silver stars to top it all off. You will need to fish-and-dab a little for best distribution on the nails, but it’s not too difficult to get it to look good as can be the case with some busy glitters like this. The only thing I’d suggest is to be mindful where you place the star shaped pieces as, if they’re on a particularly curved area of your nail, the sharp edges will stick up and be liable to scratch your skin or get snagged on your clothes. Just apply carefully and you’ll be golden.

Have you checked out anything from Barry M lately?

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