GOSH “To Have Fun With In LA” Palette

Blues, green and purples aren’t my usual choice of eyeshadow colours, but something about this new GOSH eyeshadow palette, To Have Fun With in LA, really drew me in. Take a look…

Top row

Middle row

Bottom row

For the first time ever, high street heroes GOSH have released full-on eyeshadow palettes, three of them in fact, with nine shades apiece. Inspired by the mood and atmosphere of three big American cities, each palette offers a well coordinated selection of colours from which you can create an endless amount of eyeshadow looks – and there’s a big mirror inside, too, which is always a bonus. There’s a palette of chic nudes in To Enjoy in New York, a bevy of wild brights in To Play With in Vegas, and then there’s this one, the aqua toned To Have Fun With in LA*.

The whole top row are the standout shades for me, particularly the middle one which has a hint of silvery-taupe quality to it. I’m also pretty fond of the greens – if you read this post last year you’ll know that GOSH green eyeshadows have a special place in my heart! The blues aren’t so much my cup of tea but I am super impressed with the pigmentation of the leftmost one. The middle one is the only real dud in the palette, chalky and dry with a lack of colour payoff. Excluding that questionable one, the shades have a lovely satin-y finish and are decently pigmented. You may find yourself needing to add a bit more colour after blending as they can fade a little, and I’d also suggest doing your eye makeup before your base when using these as the shadows are soft and a little on the flaky side, leaving them prone to fallout.

Overall though, considering it works out at barely more than a pound per colour, these are pretty nifty little eyeshadow palettes filling what has been quite a huge void on the high street beauty market. GOSH 9 Shades Eyeshadow Palettes are available now in Superdrug (I can’t see them online, but they’re definitely in store) for a very reasonable £9.99 each.

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