Do Not Refreeze is Five

Five Do Not Refreeze is Five

Yep. My blog is half a decade old today.

I’ve been writing vapid things about makeup for five frigging years.

A very sincere thank you to all of those who continue to read my drivel.

Here’s to the next five!

  • Natalie

    congrats :)

  • Julianne


  • silviabia

    Congrats for the 5 years!! I hope that many more come :)

  • Sherry Proch

    Way to go! I will still read your “drivel” LOL :)

  • Danielle Nutt

    Happy Birthday!!! 5 years, wow! I think I’ve been following for almost 4 now!

  • Jennie May

    Happy 5 years lovely lady!!! <3 xxxxx