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Polishgasm: Dance Legend Sulley

This could quite possibly be the ULTIMATE polishgasm. I placed a small order with Russian brand Dance Legend back in mid-February and it took a little over a month to arrive but BY GOD WAS IT WORTH THE WAIT.

DanceLegend Sully1 Polishgasm: Dance Legend Sulley

DanceLegend Sully2 Polishgasm: Dance Legend Sulley

DanceLegend Sully3 Polishgasm: Dance Legend Sulley

DanceLegend Sully4 Polishgasm: Dance Legend Sulley

This badboy is from their Chameleon collection, all of which are named after characters from Monsters Inc (amazing, right?). This one is Sulley. I also picked up Wazowski – you can’t have one without the other, right? – but Sulley is the one that really blew me away. I have seriously never seen a multichrome like this before, not least one whose multicoloured goodness in the bottle actually translates just as strongly to the nails.

Naturally, it was an absolute bastard to photograph, and I apologise for the week’s worth of tipwear, but you get the idea. It is honestly frigging INCREDIBLE. By the way, I’m wearing one coat of it here over one coat of a black creme – it is possible to make the Dance Legend Chameleons opaque on their own but from what I’ve seen on other nail blogs it takes 3 coats and I’d rather preserve the precious liquid in this little bottle by layering up.

But seriously. Uggghhhh. AMAZING. I love it. SO MUCH. ARRGGHHH *explodes*

You can pick up Sulley directly from Dance Legend for $8 (I believe that’s USD). DO IT. Now.

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