Liz Earle Indulgent Bath & Body Collection

How the bloody hell is it March already?! Time seems to go faster and faster every year. Although there are two good things about it being March already. One: Spring is on the way. Two: this month sees the launch of the long awaited Liz Earle Indulgent Bath & Body Collection!

Liz Earle Indulgent Bath & Body Collection

Lovingly and painstakingly crafted with a handpicked selection of the finest botanicals, Liz Earle have collaborated with three top perfumers to create a trio of beautiful scents for their new bath and body range. Even if your usual bathroom routine consists solely of a hasty two-minutes-max-because-you-overslept shower, this new collection will help transform your bathroom time into something to be savoured.

There are four key products in the range, and each product comes in a choice of three scents (I’ll come to that in a minute). Creamy Shower Nectar offers a gentle, soothing cleanse for the body; Melting Sugar Scrub gives a decadent exfoliation; Silky Body Lotion provides quick softening and hydration for the skin and Indulgent Body Butter is perfect for those days when you have an extra few moments, for deep moisturisation and nourishment.

Once you’ve settled on a product (or two or three or all four…), you’ll have another decision to make – which delectable scent you’d like it in. Three fragrances, three master perfumers. The floral Tiare & Jasmine concoction was developed by Olivier Cresp, delicately infused with petals from the Tahitian tiare flower and jasmine absolute. Hints of neroli and orange blossom peek through, with almond milk and sandalwood at the base. This one is super floral and feminine. Sabine De Tscharner is the nose behind the spicy Bergamot & Ginger scent. Fresh, citrussy Italian bergamot combines with freesia, Lily of the Valley and lemon blossom over undertones of heady, warming ginger for a zesty and uplifting fragrance. My personal favourite is, unsurprisingly, the creamy Vanilla & Saffron offering created by Harry Fremont. Potent Madagascan vanilla intertwines with the soft spiciness of saffron for a deliciously comforting scent, with honeydew and added gentle floral goodness from gardenia and white orchid. Tonka bean (one of my favourite scent ingredients ever) and a hint of musk rest at the base.

So, for the last several weeks I’ve had the Vanilla & Saffron Creamy Shower Nectar* in my bath and have been following it up every few days with the Vanilla & Saffron Silky Body Lotion*. Both are incredibly luxurious – the shower creams contain lots of moisturising coconut oil and do such a good job of hydrating the skin that you don’t even need to follow up with lotion or butter every time. It foams very slightly, but don’t expect mountains of lather. The light-as-air Silky Body Lotion is equally gorgeous to use. Despite being such a rich cream, it is super light and sinks into the skin quickly, leaving it incredibly soft. 97% natural, it includes such botanical hero ingredients as shea butter, avocado oil and naturally sourced vitamin E. I can’t get enough of this pair, quite frankly, and may have to accidentally add the Melting Sugar Scrub and Indulgent Body Butter to my bathroom cabinet collection too.

Now, judging by the sophisticated packaging and sheer luxurious feel of these products you’d be forgiven for assuming that they’re on the expensive side. I imagined they would be, too – but Liz Earle, full of surprises as ever, had me fooled. These lovely products are surprisingly affordable. Obviously not ‘budget’ by any stretch of the imagination, but with a reasonable price tag that belies the feel and performance. I definitely recommend taking a look at these next time you pass a store that carries Liz Earle.

Creamy Shower Nectar 250ml £12.50
Melting Sugar Scrub 200g £14.50
Silky Body Lotion 250ml £14.50
Indulgent Body Butter 200ml £16.50

The Creamy Shower Nectars and Silky Body Lotions are available online now, and I believe the Scrubs and Butters are following closely behind.

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