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The Nightman Cometh

I picked up a nice handful of indie nail polishes in the latter half of last year. This captivating little number is from Happy Hands Nail Polish, a brand I’ve already shown you before in the form of B for Butterflies (aka the most adorable polish in the world ever). This one, called The Nightman Cometh, is actually part of a collaboration between Happy Hands and another indie brand Polish Revolution, hence the name Happy Revolution. Well, whoever it’s made by, it’s bloody lovely.

Nightman1 The Nightman Cometh

Nightman2 The Nightman Cometh

Nightman3 The Nightman Cometh

The Nightman Cometh is built on a clear base and packed with various sizes of black, gold, green and even a smattering of white glitters, all in a variety of hexagonal or square shapes. One concern with glitter polishes like this is that they are sparse and hard to distribute, but that definitely wasn’t a problem here – while the strategic ‘dabbing’ motion works best to apply something like this rather than a painting motion, it’s certainly not difficult like it can be with others.

I love how different it can look over different base colours, too – I have worn it here over China Glaze Wagon Trail, a blackened olive green sort of shade, but in the swatch at Happy Hands’ shop it is shown over a light grey base, making it look like a completely different polish. Really versatile, and I absolutely love it.

You can grab The Nightman Cometh online for £6.29 – an indie bargain if ever I saw one!

What’s on your nails this week?

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