It was a very good year…

Last year, on New Year’s Eve, I blogged about what an amazing year 2012 had been for me. 2013 has been even better. Today I want to do something uncharacteristically soppy, and spread some love for the one particular person who has made this year as brilliant as it has been. Sheenie, I’m looking at you!

Sheenie and I started blogging in the very same month, March 2009, and eventually met in person in early 2011 at IMATS. 2013 has been the year that we’ve done bloody EVERYTHING together. We’ve been for about five million delicious meals out. We’ve hung out with each other’s parents (seriously, Mama and Papa Shaikh are awesome). We’ve been meat shopping at Smithfield market at 4am. We’ve spent a long weekend doing nothing but cooking, eating and watching movies. We’ve been on Ikea trips. We’ve walked the longest pier in the world, there and back again. I’ve given her a lapdance to Michael Jackson in a car park. She’s baked me cupcakes for my birthday. We’ve been on a sushi-making course together. She wrote ‘Wifey’ in the sand for me all the way in Barcelona. We’ve garnered a reputation among other bloggers and beauty PRs for never being apart. We send each other belfies on a regular basis. We finish each other’s sentences in truly cliched BFF fashion. We email each other every day at work with quotes from Anchorman as subject headers. We’ve laughed. We’ve laughed a fucking LOT.

It’s funny. If anyone had have ever said to me, ‘one day, your best friend will be a batshit crazy Pakistani Muslim woman who’s thirteen years your senior’, I would have laughed in their face. But, well, she is. My best friend, and my wifey for lifey.

I can’t say it would have entirely sucked, but 2013 would have been nowhere near as fantastic without Sheenie.

Thank you. I bloody love you, woman.

2 thoughts on “It was a very good year…

  1. I love you, petal! But you’ve picked some of the most unflattering pictures of me. Oh well, at least you didn’t post the saucy belfies! Xxxx

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