What would you do with £20,000?

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When I was asked by The National Lottery what I would do if I won £20,000, it did get me thinking. I’m not usually one for gambling, I’ve played the lottery a handful of times in my life and bought the odd scratchcard here and there (and I won £90 on the greyhounds once!) but generally, I’m not very spontaneous and don’t earn enough money to spend it on taking chances. The National Lottery are introducing some new ways to win though, so you could say that your chances of winning are increased…

The New Lotto

To introduce the new Lotto, on Saturday 5th October and Saturday 12th October 2013, there are going to be two very life-changing weeks of prizes. With a £10m jackpot up for grabs both weeks, there will also be 1000 chances each week to win £20,000. The National Lottery are introducing a raffle which will produce at least 50 winners of a guaranteed £20,000 in each drawer (the 1000 each week is to celebrate the launch). That seems a massively more likely way to win than scooping the jackpot, so I’m almost tempted to play a little more frequently. £20,000 isn’t enough to give up working for the rest of your life, but since it’s tax-free it is more money than I bring home in a year! There are also going to be increased prizes for matching smaller amounts of numbers, with a current £10 win for matching three numbers more than doubling to £25 with the new Lotto. With marginally higher chances of winning, I’ve been daydreaming a bit about what I might do with one of those £20k prizes…

What I’d Do

Now, realistically if £20k fell into my lap I would most definitely do something sensible with it – putting it towards a deposit on a house, something like that. But if I could do whatever I wanted, it would be this:

Get a Great Dane – I am definitely a dog person, and the bigger the better as far as I’m concerned. A blue Great Dane is my dream canine companion, and I will have one one day, Lotto or no Lotto!

Buy a set of Global kitchen knives – I know, I know, sounds pretty boring but I am big into kitchen things. In my old job we exclusively used Global knives and they are seriously the best out there but damn, they’re not cheap. If I had the money to burn, I’d get a full set of every knife that Global produce (including their whacking great meat cleaver because why not?!) and a magnetic block to keep them on. I’m so rock n roll.

Visit New York – It’s probably the most cliche holiday destination ever, but like millions of other people I’m dying to visit New York one day. I am a city girl, and I wanna see that one! Imagine the shopping! Swoon.

Go back to Venice – You probably know that I went to Venice a few weeks ago but it was a very short trip and Colin and I would love to go back for longer, on our own terms and do all the things we didn’t have time for, like visiting the island of Murano.

Visit Pakistan – Not a conventional choice and not another cliched holiday destination, but I’d love to visit Pakistan. My best friend Sheenie is from Pakistan and is dying to go back and visit her family but the flights alone are about a grand. If I had that kind of money in the bank, I’d definitely pay for us to spend some time out there drinking in the scenery, admiring the differences between Islamabad and London, and of course eating lots of Pakistani food.

Start my own business – Breaking away from the travel theme, this is something I’ve been saying to Colin I will do for a few years now. When we’re older and have our own family and a bigger home, I’d love to start my own indie cosmetics company. Who knows how successful it would be or whether I’d actually be any good at it, but hey, it sounds like fun.

So, your turn – what would you do if you scooped a twenty thousand pound win on the new Lotto?

12 thoughts on “What would you do with £20,000?

  1. I’m glad to see they’re shaking up the lottery. Fingers crossed we win some moolah :) Starting your own business sounds brilliant! I’d start a bakery :D xx

  2. Easy, pay £10k off the mortgage and buy myself a modestly priced trailer for my horse and take my towing license (£3k for the trailer and £500 for the test). With the remaining money I’d take my otherhalf to Finland on a dog sledding holiday (£1500 each) oh and take him to have the tasting menu at our favourite michelin starred restaurant for his birthday! I’d still have a few K left over too so I’d probably buy him a Peugeot 205 to live in our garage forever more (and then spend some pennies on the illamasqua website… for good measure ya know!)

  3. Lol before I would have said polish, polish and more polish. And maybe a Ford Capri, always wanted one.

    I’ve just bought a house recently so pay off part of the Mortgage lol!

  4. The best thing about the Lottery aside from making some people very well off is that a lot of money goes to great causes via the Big Lottery Fund!

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