Beauty Lust List #3 | Indie Nail Polish

So my most recent post was all about the demure, staple polish shades in the Liz Earle Nail Colour range. Today’s post, by sharp contrast, is all about a bunch of crazy in-your-face glitters that I’m dying to get my hands on! I seem to have a bit of a lady boner for indie nail polish at the moment…

Indie nail polish: Enchanted Polish
Images © Enchanted Polish

I’ve never really dipped my toes into the world of indie nail polish before but I think Enchanted Polish is first on my hit list. Well, it would be, but their polishes are all sold out on their own site and on Llarowe *sob*. Now that my interest in the brand as been piqued, I’ll have to keep a sharp eye out for restocks! Enchanted Polish colours cost $15 a pop but I’m not sure on their shipping policy and prices.

Indie nail polish: Hare Polish
Images © Hare Polish

I am enamoured with these two glitters from Hare Polish, especially The Teen Queen – how pretty is that? I’ve only heard good things about Hare Polish and they’re well priced at around £6.60GBP (Etsy converts it for me, not sure what it is in dollars, I guess about 8?). I’ve worked out that buying these two plus shipping would set me back a little less than £20.

Indie nail polish: Dollish Polish
Images © Demelza’s World

I haven’t heard too much about Dollish Polish myself, but these two polishes have got me very excited. Poor Unfortunate Souls is, naturally, an homage to Ursula from The Little Mermaid and I am dying to rock this colour and sing and pretend I’m a witchy octopus woman. Say Hello To My Kitty looks awesome too, not only is it monochrome and pink (great combination) but it also features bar glitter and I can see some star shapes in there too.. amazing. One of the really great things about Dollish Polish is that they offer a choice of mini size bottles for $5, or a full size for $10. Unfortunately Poor Unfortunate Souls is sold out both on the website and on Llarowe, but Say Hello To My Kitty is available on Llarowe. I might accidentally make an order.

Indie nail polish: Girly Bits Cosmetics
Images © Pointless Cafe and Captivating Claws

I’ve followed Girly Bits on Instagram for quite some time now and am always cooing over their unique creations. They seem to do greens particularly well, as you can see above! Erin Go Brag-less is so pretty, and I love the star shaped glitters in Face The Music. Really really cool, and amazingly both are in stock at $10 each.

Indie nail polish: Lush Lacquer
Images © Crystal’s Crazy Combos

I know that Lily is a fan of Lush Lacquer and this is the brand that’s been most frequently recommended to me. Whilst their polishes aren’t getting me quite as hot under the collar as some of the other brands, I’ve definitely got my eye on Freckles and Chicks Rule, both from their new Neon collection. They’re also some of the cheapest I’ve seen, at around £6.01 GBP for a full size bottle. I can’t stop looking at Chicks Rule…

Indie nail polish: Rainbow Honey Cosmetics
Images © Rainbow Honey Cosmetics

Last but certainly not least, Rainbow Honey. There are no swatches available on their site and I had trouble finding any at all for Special World, I think it’s super new (and already sold out.. typical!). But I think you can tell just from the bottles how incredible they look! Their polishes also cost $10 each. I am lusting after Special World sooo much but it’s a limited edition so I don’t even know if it will be coming back. Siiigh!

I think I just need to bite the bullet and order something from one of these brands. It makes no sense to hang around, since indie nail polish companies tend to have fairly large and fiercely enthusastic followings which mean their new releases usually sell out in an instant. Now they’re all on my radar, I’ll be keeping an eye out for restocks and on Llarowe so I don’t miss anything I really want.

Are you a fan of indie nail polish? Are there any brands you’ve tried not mentioned here that you think I should check out? Open to any and all suggestions!

8 thoughts on “Beauty Lust List #3 | Indie Nail Polish

  1. I really love the ones from Lush Laquer. Would there be in any trouble getting them shipped from the US though? A few months ago peoples parcels were being destroyed is this still happening?

  2. I’ve been really into Indie brands lately too. Especially handmade ones! It’s sooo frustrating though when every shade is sold out at every possible site, so my solution is to just avoid brands like Enchanted Polish hahaha. The ones in the post are all so amazing though–I hadn’t seen the Dollish Polish Ursula one before, and it looks amazing!

    Anyway, just thought I’d share the Indie Brands I’ve used (I’ve had a great experience with all of them!)

    I’ve bought several from Whimsical Ideas by Pam ( I like this one because you never have to deal with stocking issues–the polishes are just made especially for customers as orders come in!

    I’ve probably bought the most from Happy Hands ( I’m a real sucker for packaging/advertising and they had a collection inspired by Arrested Development, so of course I had to have them all. Re-stocking is sometimes a problem, but I have every shade that I’ve ever really wanted, so as long as you pay attention to email/twitter alerts about re-stocks, it’s not hard to get what you want.

    I’ve also bought from Polish Revolution (, some of which were collaboration shades with Happy Hands. Those were a collection inspired by It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (told you I’m a sucker). In one of my orders from this Etsy shop, my polishes arrived with no stickers on the bottom indicating the shade. Since the hilarious names of the polishes were one of the main selling points, I just had to have them! I emailed to see if I could have the stickers shipped to me, and not only were they shipped out immediately, but I was sent another shade from the collection for free! So nice of them! Good customer service is always a plus for me, so I definitely recommend checking these out.

    I’ve also bought a few polishes from JENsations (, Lac Attack (, White Owl Lacquers (, who did a pretty cool Harry Potter themed collection that I bought minis of, and of course, A England and Cult Nails are both amazing.

    This was a ridiculously long comment, clearly I have nothing to do today hahahaha.

    1. Haha no no, I love long comments! Thanks so much for this, really helpful, I hadn’t actually heard of any of the brands you mentioned (except A England and Cult obviously) but I’ll definitely be checking them out :-)

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