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Late to the Party: What’s In My Bag

Despite being something of an old-timer on the beauty blogging circuit, I’ve somehow managed to go all this time without ever having written one of those ever popular ‘What’s In My Bag’ posts. There are a couple of reasons for this: no one wants to see a bag lined with tobacco crumbs and old receipts, and I’ve never owned a bag worthy of sharing. Until now, I’d never bought a bag whose price tag was in triple figures (and I can safely say I will definitely never own one with a four-figure price tag).

So anyway, I recently had a Zalando voucher* to spend but had no idea what I wanted. I’ve shopped at Zalando a few times in the past, mainly for Anna Field boots which I absolutely love but I didn’t need another pair. During my deliberation, I bumped into Jen from A Beauty Junkie in London who had just bought this glorious little number and I instantly fell in love. I usually carry a black bag, so I was very excited to get a light coloured one that’s much more appropriate for Spring/Summer. That night when I got home, I promptly ordered the very same one, paying the outstanding balance myself (what can I say, I just loved it). A few days later I was swinging it gleefully from my arm, happy as Larry!

Whats In My Bag1 Late to the Party: Whats In My Bag

Whats In My Bag2 Late to the Party: Whats In My Bag

Whats In My Bag3 Late to the Party: Whats In My Bag

It’s from an Italian brand, L.Credi, which I’d not heard of before Jen introduced it to me. There’s just nothing not to love about it – I choose to use the short handles but there is also a detachable strap if you’d prefer to carry it on your shoulder. 100% leather outer, gorgeous cream and turquoise colours, plenty of zip pockets and extra compartments and my word is it roomy! I can get SO much extra stuff in here in addition to the crap I lug around on a daily basis, including a DSLR. Can’t say that for many bags – it’s a bit of a TARDIS/Mary Poppins type thing, much bigger on the inside!

Whats In My Bag4 Late to the Party: Whats In My Bag

And, well, since it’s not littered with tobacco crumbs and old receipts (yet…) now seems a good a time as any to show you the things I NEVER leave the house without.

My passport is something that’s always safely zipped away but always on me. I actually hardly ever get ID’d for anything, but sod’s law the day I don’t have it on me is the day I get asked for it. I don’t drive, so haven’t got a driving license meaning it’s the only proof of age that I have! Then headphones, just the bog standard iPhone ones, because who wants a life without music? Tissues, because no one likes to be caught short with a runny nose, and sweeteners, because if an impromptu cup of tea situation presents itself I don’t like to be forced to have real sugar!

Keys are something I always double-check for before leaving the house. Colin and I had an unfortunate incident a few weeks back where we left the flat to go food shopping and both of us forgot our keys. Dropping an unexpected wad of cash on a locksmith is not something I want to have to do again! Then an umbrella, because you never bloody know in this country. Benefit’s Laugh With Me LeeLee perfume is always on me in case I feel the need for a fragrance top-up, I’ve been wearing this one for years and like to think of it as my signature scent. My little purse from New Look years and years ago – I can’t be dealing with big, long purses thanks. My on-the-go makeup bag, whose contents are rotated regularly according to what I’m wearing that day but the items that never leave it are a black pencil, a mirror, eyelash curlers and my favourite Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors. Oh, and there’s a bottle of antibacterial hand gel from Bath & Body Works for any hygiene emergencies.

Last but certainly not least – my electronic cigarette. I have finally started to take steps towards quitting smoking! So, hopefully a bag littered with tobacco will no longer be a blight to my life – I haven’t yet quit completely but I’ve stopped taking tobacco out with me during the day, and just have a couple of ‘real ones’ of an evening. The rest of the time, this Tornado Tank e-cig is my new best friend and I’ve been loving experimenting with mixing different flavours (currently toking on a cocktail of Butterscotch and Banana for a cheeky banoffee pie experience!). It’s like carrying a mini shisha pipe with me at all times! Awesome.

So, those are the things I don’t go anywhere without. If you’re liking the look of the L.Credi tote, you can find it here for £125.

What do you always carry in your bag without fail?


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