Paul & Joe Beach Baby Eye & Lip Gloss Duo | Nice

Not gonna lie, when I received this Paul & Joe Eye & Lip Gloss Duo in Nice* (Nice as in the place in France), I was a little bit dubious. Eye gloss? I know the lived in, creased-up look works great for editorial makeup looks but it’s definitely not for everyday. I definitely wasn’t expecting to love it, so imagine my surprise when it turned out that I DO. I do love it. It’s awesome.

Paul & Joe Eye & Lip Gloss Duo | Nice

Paul & Joe Eye & Lip Gloss Duo | Nice

Paul & Joe Eye & Lip Gloss Duo | Nice

There are a selection of six whimsically packaged Eye & Lip Gloss Duos in Paul & Joe’s Beach Baby summer collection, and Nice features a shimmering lilac eye gloss paired with a hot pink lip gloss (the more I type the word ‘gloss’, the weirder it looks). The lip gloss is pretty standard, a sheer wash of colour to add a little something to your pout, not too sticky – nothing special, really. The eye gloss is where it’s at! Contrary to the sticky, crease-y goop I expected it’s actually a smooth, silky affair that dries down to a completely crease-free finish. In the swatch above, it’s not been blended out but it’s worth noting that blending it down diminishes a lot of the lilac base colour and leaves a stunning sparkling sheen on the eye.

Thus far I’ve only worn it as a finishing touch on top of eyeshadows, but I imagine it would look really quite pretty used alone on the eyelid too – just a subtle hint of sparkle. Teamed with fresh, glowing skin, a slick of mascara and a low-maintenance lip it would make for a really simple, fuss-free Summer look that will still leaving you feeling ‘done up’ without being caked in product. Buuut simple and fuss-free isn’t really my style, when it comes to eye makeup I am very much part of the ‘go big or go home’ school of thought so below you can see it used on top of other eyeshadows. I just apply a few dabs across the lid with the doefoot applicator, and pat it over the lid.

Paul & Joe Eye & Lip Gloss Duo | Nice

As much as I really like this, I can’t help but feel I wouldn’t pay the £28 RRP for it. Even though it’s two products in one, I’d rather the eye gloss came as a standalone product for maybe £15 or so. Maybe a nice payday treat, but not something I’d want to drop nearly thirty pounds on without giving it some thought.

What do you think – liking the sound of an eye gloss? If you’ve seen some of the other products from the Beach Baby collection, is there anything catching your eye that I need to check out?

7 thoughts on “Paul & Joe Beach Baby Eye & Lip Gloss Duo | Nice

  1. I love how you’ve used the eye gloss over the top of you make up. Gives the whole look a subtle sparkly sheen. I love Paul & Joe, was gutted I couldn’t make it down to their last event x

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  3. Mmmm I’m undecided about this product. I love cream eye shadows so maybe the eye gloss would be similar in consistency? It does look gorgeous over the top of the eye shadow in the picture though. Great review!


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