Beauty Lust List #2

Do you know what’s a real pain in the arse? When your monthly rent (not inclusive of bills) costs more than your take-home salary, and you’re desperately trying to save every penny for IMATS, your boyfriend’s birthday, your sister’s 18th, Father’s Day and your 5th anniversary which are all coming up in the next month – AND you have a Beauty Lust List as long as your arm. #firstworldproblems much?

Beauty Lust List #2 | Do Not Refreeze UK Beauty & Nail Blog

There’s a LOT of stuff on my wishlist from Make Up For Ever, but right at the top is this stunning Make Up For Ever Star Powder 943. I swatched it at the United Makeup Artist Expo last month and may have gone a bit weak at the knees. Okay, that’s an exaggeration but MY GOD it is so so beautiful. A sheer white-pink duochrome that I think would look beautiful dusted over many eyeshadows to inject a bit of light. I love MUFE’s Star Powders already – check out this post on number 955. Definitely going to pick this badboy up at IMATS – honestly can’t wait to show it to you!

Whilst we’re (sort of) on the subject of the United Makeup Artist Expo, one of the other things I picked up there was a knock-off imitation of the coveted Beauty Blender Sponge. It only cost me about £3 and it applies foundation more flawlessly than any brush I’ve ever tried (even my beloved Real Techniques Buffing Brush!) but after a couple of washes it started to split and crack. It hasn’t really affected the use of it, but it’s annoying nonetheless and now I know how much I like the whole sponge thing I’m toying with the idea of shelling out for a real Beauty Blender, in the hope that it’ll be a bit sturdier.

My brows need a lot of help to look anything other than utterly hideous (I am an out-and-not-so-proud terminal over-plucker). My latest want in my quest for beautiful brows is the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor in Blonde – my girl Jessica French absolutely swears by it and her brows are INSANELY nice. I’ve not tried anything from Tom Ford, and I’m not yet convinced that dropping a terrifying thirty five pounds on this would solve all my eyebrow woes but it sure is desirable..

Speaking of things I have huge problems with, my undereye area is just awful. I never, ever get enough sleep and the epic bags under my eyes are a dead giveaway of that. And try as I might, I can never, ever conceal them. This is probably a combination of lack of decent product to do the job, and lack of knowledge on how to actually apply concealer. I am rubbish with concealer, so I think I need to have a little lesson at a Bobbi Brown Counter with the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer. The only trouble I can foresee is that due to its creamy texture it could settle in my (multitude of) fine lines, but we’ll see.

To set the concealer, I’d like to pick up Ben Nye Banana Powder. Their Neutral Set powder is my favourite setting powder, and has been for a good few years – it’s white in the tub but applies translucent. Banana Powder on the other hand has a bit of a yellow tint to it so I imagine that will help with further colour correction of the blue circles under my eyes. Not to mention Ben Nye products are pretty bargainous for the amount of product you get!

There’s always a whole bunch of fragrances on my wishlist, certainly more than I could conceivably wear, and Cartier Essence de Bois Eau de Toilette is the latest one to find its way on there. This is glorious and my sample size is very nearly used up but it won’t be cheap to replace. Essence de Bois opens with violet leaves and bergamot (which I’m really growing to love as a note lately), and the heart of lavender and oud is just sexy. The base notes are really where it’s at though – musk, patchouli and ambergris which is arguably one of the most decadent ingredients to be found in perfume. Who’d have thought whale poo could be so wonderful? One thing that does get on my nerves slightly about Essence de Bois though, is the name – Essence de BOIS? Well then, where are the woody notes?

I don’t wear lipgloss very often because stickiness just drives me batshit crazy (my beloved Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors are an exception of course – I wear these non-sticky beauties pretty much daily), but I will make the effort for a gloss that’s extra special. One example is Illamasqua’s Boost lipgloss, a purple with blue duochrome that I’ve shared quite a few times (most recently teamed with Illamasqua ESP lipstick), and I’ve recently discovered another stunning duochrome – maybe even multichrome – lipgloss that I’m dying to try. The Inglot AMC Shine Lipgloss in 543 is a beautiful pearly-pink, lilac, violet, blue, white substance of wonder that I simply MUST have. Probably another IMATS purchase!

Last but certainly not least, the YSL Baby Doll Eyeliner in Baby Doll Pink. This collection isn’t out yet, but I’ve seen this one worn by Really Ree and it’s so, so cool. I’m a big fan of unusual eye makeup and this rosy pink liquid shade definitely fits the bill. I’ll give it a swatch when it hits counters (on the 22nd May, I believe) and if I love the reality as much as the idea, I may be able to convince myself to part with the cash.

So, what’s getting you hot under the collar in the beauty world at the moment? I love wishlist type posts, so please do feel free to link me to yours in the comments! And congratulations if you made it all the way through this wistful, greed-filled essay – sorry it got a bit long!

5 thoughts on “Beauty Lust List #2

  1. Morning :-)

    The oud is your essence of wood in the Bois (which I was led to believe translates (in some circumstances) as “The woods” ie a gathering. The oud is a resin that comes from a tropical tree when it gets mouldy. Yum. So you wouldn’t expect a smell of the finished material but just a general “foresty” smell of sap/resin.

    I’m convinced IMATS is an evil sent to try us. I’ve got my Inglot 5 piece eyeshadow colours picked out. What should I get from MUFE – never used anything by them.


  2. i love wishlist posts! though the neverending wishlists are impossible to live with. I know what you mean about the situation you are in. Hopefully it gets better, and you can have more disposable income soon! :)

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