Pants On Fire: The Great Matching Underwear Debate

Believe it or not, until now, I’d never once in my life owned a set of matching underwear. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever even owned a ‘pretty’ bra. Being a big-busted girl with meager funds for underwear, it had always just been a multitude of plain T-shirt bras for me. As for knickers, I am a Bridget Jones style granny pants kinda girl – to me underwear is all about function over fashion. It’s not like anyone sees me in my underwear except for Colin, and frankly when he does it’s either because he’s going to get lucky or because I’m going to bed (!). So really, owning a load of sexy pairs of matching lingerie has never even crossed my mind let alone been of any importance.

Panache Superbra | Ariza Balconette Bra | Matching Underwear

Panache Superbra | Ariza Brief | Matching Underwear

Panache Superbra | Ariza Balconette Bra & Ariza Brief | Matching Underwear

Recently though, I came into possession of a rather pretty set from Panache Lingerie. Panache’s Superbra range caters for ladies with D-K cup sizes, but some of the other ranges (like their sports bras) start at a B cup. The Ariza Superbra* and matching Briefs* really are very nice to look at, and super comfortable to wear. I’ve become a lot less hateful of my body since I started losing a lot of weight last year, and I will openly admit to spending a good 20 minutes prancing round my room in front of the mirror when these arrived. The detailing on these is beautiful – the only thing I’m not so keen on is how see-through they are. That’s just a personal preference thing though. The Superbra is very supportive of my rather heavy rack (!), with a sturdy underwire that doesn’t cause any discomfort. I also really, really like that with each Panache Superbra, you’re able to choose between a thong or briefs for your matching bottoms. I have an unwavering hatred of thongs (seriously, I don’t see the point) so it’s nice to see matching underwear sets that don’t force you to cut yourself in half. Panache get points for that, for sure!

Whilst I like this set a lot and do feel very pretty wearing it, I can’t say it’s permanently converted me to the matching underwear brigade. The Ariza set will probably only be busted out for special occasions when I want to feel fabulous, but when it comes to the daily grind I’ll be sticking to my T-shirt bras and granny pants. Besides, if I started to collect too much pretty lingerie I’d want to show it off and I’d be cracking my chest out all the time saying ‘LOOK AT MY PRETTY BRA!’. I can’t imagine that going down too well in 99% of situations!

What about you though? I’m sure many of you are matching underwear devotees. Tell me about your bra and brief habits – does the thought of leaving the house in anything other than a sexy silk affair send you spiralling into a panic attack?

Panache Lingerie is available from many online and in-store stockists including the likes of Figleaves, Bravissimo, Very and loads more. The stockist search is really helpful! Prices vary, but at the moment Very are doing a deal where you can buy the bra for £29 and get the briefs for free.

18 thoughts on “Pants On Fire: The Great Matching Underwear Debate

  1. I gave up on matching once it became clear that I’d be spending £30 on a bra and another £10 on the pants. It’s so much easier to match when you can pick up your undies in Asda with the weekly shop. Unfortunately I think the only thing that’ll get my rack down to supermarket sizes will be a good old dose of hoovering and reconstruction! Guess I’ll be sticking to the granny pants then.

  2. I’ve never worn matching at all! My size is very hard to find and the standard bra I had to buy cost £60! I now only own a couple of these because that’s all I can afford and I just wear any old underwear with it! I also have to agree with thongs! Hate those things! I’m going to take a look at panache thought! Thanks x

    1. Blimey O’Reilly, sixty quid?! That is insane. If you’re a big size, have you checked out bras from George @ Asda? They’re like £6 or something ridiculous like that and I can get my size in there which is pretty much a miracle. x

  3. I’ve been having the same problem with sizes, not many pretty ones available in this size. UNTIL I found Freya. And if I order them online, they cost a lot less than where I live. But usually I wear a non-matching set, just because it’s easier that way and I have different needs for them depending what I wear.

    1. Oh I met some girls from Freya earlier in the year at LFW – they gave me a set but it wasn’t to-fit and was waaay too small. I’ll have to check them out for something that fits!

  4. I wear matching sets when they’re going to get seen or on very special dressing and that’s it-pretty pants are just never as comfortable as my everyday comfies. As I am currently single

  5. I’m a big fan of matching undies! I like plain bras & knickers so will buy a nice coloured bra from Anne Summers then hit up primark for some fancy undies :)

  6. I think I’m the worst person ever to talk about underwear. I wear my bras 24/7 and maybe change it once a week (I change my knickers every day tho lol – as if that’s something to be proud of haha)

    But my knickers have holes all over the place and I wear them literally until they fall apart. I never pay attention whether things match either – but that’s cuz I’m lazy! I think it’s a nice idea for sure! But I just couldnt give less of a crap haha

    I think if there’s a special night tho, I’ll make the effort haha.

    1. Hahaha well, congratulations on changing your knickers on a daily basis ;-) I wear the same bra more than once as well, especially in winter when I don’t sweat but I change it more often in the summer.

      Haha I love how open you are about your pikey knickers. :D

  7. I do love the idea of fancy underwear but don’t really have any!
    I’ll make an effort sometimes but usually it’s my Smurfs boxers that come out… :/

    Rosie x

    1. Oh god I can’t believe I didn’t mention boxers in the post – I HATE girl boxers! I find them sooo uncomfortable. Which is funny because I find men’s boxers super comfy. Shhh. ;-) x

  8. I’d wear matching more often if the pants to match bras weren’t so expensive in comparison. Ideally I’d like to buy a nice bra and two or three sets of matching knickers to go with it as I tend to wear my bras more than once but it’s just too pricey.

  9. I love the thought of matching, but I don’t have the patience for it. I go for comfort rather than style all the time. My fiancé gives me crap about it when he sees I’m wearing “plain” Fruit of the Loom undies and a standard white bra, but I say “Do YOU want to wear the sexy stuff?! Didn’t think so, so shush!” :)

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