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New In: Illamasqua Venous & Superstition

Get in! My all time favourite brand Illamasqua (as if you needed me to remind of you of that) have released three new shades of their impeccable Nail Varnish, and I have two of them here to show you. Yay!

New Illamasqua Polish 1 New In: Illamasqua Venous & Superstition

New Illamasqua Polish 2 New In: Illamasqua Venous & Superstition

This sexy little number is called Venous*. It’s not dissimilar to Muse, perhaps a couple of shades lighter and leaning a touch more towards the green side. I haven’t compared them side by side yet, but I’m sure I will do at some point. Anyway, beautiful shade – I love these sorts of colours!

New Illamasqua Polish 3 New In: Illamasqua Venous & Superstition

This one is Superstition*. Again not entirely unique in Illamasqua’s collection – I think it may be very similar to Obsess but again, I haven’t yet had a look at them next to one another. I’d guess that Superstition is a bit darker, but overall quite a similar shade.

New Illamasqua Polish 4 New In: Illamasqua Venous & Superstition

As you can see, I couldn’t resist cracking out a cling film manicure to show off these bad boys. I really like them! With these new additions, I’m not awfully far off completing my Illamasqua polish collection… There’s another new one called Harem, and other than that I need about 10 more and I’ll have every single one. Because I don’t need to get a life or anything. *Cough*

Illamasqua Nail Varnish costs £13.50 (worth every penny if you ask me, for their ease of application, richness of colour and longevity) and is available on Illamasqua counters, in their standalone stores and online. I can’t see Superstition on the site just yet but I’m sure it’ll be there any day now.

Are any of the new Illamasqua polish shades tempting you? Are you a fan already?


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