Zoya Blaze

Not too long ago, I showed you Zoya Aurora. This is its sultry ruby-hued cousin, Blaze – and I can’t quite decide which is my favourite!

Whilst Aurora was a bright, true purple, Blaze is a deep, rich ruby red leaning slightly towards the pink side. It’s really stunning, but the holographic particles definitely show up less obviously. Get it in sunlight or under a flash and they look HOT, but they get a little lost in normal overcast daylight. The multiple colours in the holo particles were much more prevalent in Aurora, whereas in Blaze they seem to take on the tone of the polish unless they’re under direct light. Some might see this as a downside, but I actually really quite like it – it looks quite grown up and tame and then suddenly, a strip of light and BAM! HOLO!

Which one do you prefer? Blaze or Aurora?

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