Subtle Speckled Gradient with Illamasqua

First of all, let me just put it out there – I hate these pictures. My hands look so dry and red from the hideously cold weather when I did these nails, and the images are a little overexposed so the gradient doesn’t look as obvious as it should. Siiigh – I’m sure you still get the gist, though.

These are of course my two favourite shades of Illamasqua’s Speckled Nail Varnish* from their new I’mperfection collection. I first applied the blue polish, Fragile, as normal then sponged the green polish, Mottle, onto the tips. Really simple but SO pretty.

This manicure lasted a really long time too, I wore it for 8 days before I took it off and I swear down there was only one chip on one nail. Not even any tipwear! I’m putting this down to the Illamasqua Top Coat I’ve been using, I can’t believe I never tried it before – it’s pretty bloody fabulous.

And while we’re on the subject of Illamasqua and speckled nails, I was in their newsletter yesterday! Eeeeek *fangirl moment* :D

Have you jumped on the speckled nails bandwagon yet? Have you tried any other brands’ versions?

9 thoughts on “Subtle Speckled Gradient with Illamasqua

  1. Ooooh these two look gorgeous together! I popped in to Superdrugs yesterday & saw that Accessorize have also released some lovely looking speckled polishes :) and with 3 for 2 I couldn’t resist picking up a few, looking forward to trying them out!

    Aysh xox

  2. They look wonderful together!

    I’m trying to resist buying any of this collection, but I do have W7 Salt ‘n’ Pepper (black micro glitter in a white base) which is a great cheap alternative. I’d been thinking about frankening a bit with other colours………..

    If you’ve not seen Salt ‘n’ Pepper I’ve got pics of it over on my baby blog :)

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