Kat von D High Voltage Nail Lacquer – Mad Max

Let me just put this out there: THIS IS BEAUTIFUL.

I’ve previously posted about Wonderchild and No Regrets, two other colours from the Kat von D High Voltage Lacquers range, and I’m loving Mad Max just as much.

It really, really glows – I think it comes across as more of a foil-y finish than the other two and whilst the purple duochrome is glaringly obvious in the bottle it’s not quite so prevalent on the nail. You can see flashes of it from some angles but it’s mostly a little shy. Despite that, it seriously glows – it looks like there’s a little light on underneath all of your nails! It’s so gorgeous.

This was also more sheer than Wonderchild and No Regrets – both of which needed two coats for opacity – I have three thick coats of Mad Max on here and I still feel like I could do with one extra to completely disguise Visible Nail Line. Although having said that, I am overly scrutinous when it comes to the ol’ VNL so it’s probably not even noticeable to anyone else!

One word of warning – well, more caution than warning – but it stains like an absolute bitch. Not your nails so much, but the surrounding skin when you remove it. I’d suggest using the foil method to avoid rubbing it all over your skin.

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