My First Ever Video Experience!

Video zps82cbed5a My First Ever Video Experience!

Video1 zpsedea3b50 My First Ever Video Experience!

Video2 zps91a8eebd My First Ever Video Experience!

As the title suggests, I recently had my first ever video experience. About a month ago, I was invited along to The Sanderson Hotel with the lovely Jessica, Sabrina and Laura where we were treated to the adorable (and delicious) Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. We spent the afternoon sipping Rhubarb & Custard tea, nibbling on multicoloured finger sandwiches and chatting about makeup – naturally – and then we got to recreate celebrity makeup looks on camera. It was tons of fun; we had a whole table covered with beautiful products from a whole host of brands to play with and I decided that Adele’s signature look might be fun to try.

My first thought would have been to create an Amy Lee look, because that’s my sort of thing but you know what they say – when in Rome! Since filming a video was a completely different experience for me, I wanted to set myself a bit more of a challenge and try out a look that I don’t usually wear. I was horribly nervous on camera, and I did quite a bit of uhmm-ing and ahh-ing about whether or not to share the video with you all but hey, why not? I don’t think YouTube videos are something that I’ll properly ‘get into’ now, but it was another insanely cool new experience to come from blogging. Just don’t be too harsh, okay? ;-)

If you want to see the other girls’ videos (you should, they’re much better at this video malarkey!), you can check them out below:

Laura’s Caroline Flack look
Sabrina’s Mila Kunis look
Jessica’s Ashley Olsen look

  • Alexis – Glitter Tips

    I would never have thought you were nervous! You’re a natural and very easy to watch, and the make up is gorgeous. I hope you do decide to do some more videos in the future, I’d subscribe for sure x

    • Leanne

      Thank you so much! :-D x

  • Truly Madly Beauty

    Aww Leanne you were brilliant! And you’re great on camera :) hope you do more vids in the future, would love to see you create your awesome looks :D oh…& your nails look ace ;D

    Aysh xox

    • Leanne

      N’aww thanks Aysh! If I do any more in the future it may well be nail related :-) x

  • Jane :)

    You don’t look nervous at all! Well done :) x

    • Leanne

      Ohh thank you! :-) x

  • HeartsAndCrosses

    Your video is great, can’t wait for more and you look so gorgeous, love the look!


    • Leanne

      Thank you SO much! :-) x

  • E. Underland

    You seemed so natural in front of the camera, good job girly ;-)

    • Leanne

      Thank you! :-)

  • Victoria

    You’re a natural, well done :)

    • Leanne

      Thanks a lot, I didn’t feel like it but thank you!

  • Kimberley K

    Check you out looking and sounding amazing! Love the Revlon lippie, it really suits you! xx

    • Leanne

      Oh you babe. Fanks :-D xx

  • Maryam Sofia

    Loved the video! You should definitely consider doing more :) xx

    • Leanne

      Thank you! There’s the possibility of some nail videos down the line so we’ll see :-) x