Illamasqua Noble & Cameo

Got the January blues? Don’t worry – my all time favourite brand Illamasqua have got a couple of new, true blue polishes to banish winter misery. Noble and Cameo were previously US exclusives, but they recently released to the rest of us on so we can finally revel in the glorious blue creaminess! My crack dealer US swap partner Danielle sent me these in our most recent swap, so I was lucky to get them a few pounds cheaper than they retail for here but I would have bought them anyway!

NobleCameo1 zps8eaf2229 Illamasqua Noble & Cameo

NobleCameo2 zpsa2288e96 Illamasqua Noble & Cameo

Noble doesn’t muck about. It’s pow-in-your-face bright and for that, I LOVE it. It’s a real eye catcher and as always with Illamasqua polishes, it practically applies itself. This one is super opaque; with a careful application you could probably just do the one coat. Pictured is two coats, sans-topcoat so you can see how gorgeously glossy the finish is. I have a fair number of blue polishes but I don’t think I have anything that could be considered a dupe of this.

NobleCameo3 zpsf3d7ce48 Illamasqua Noble & Cameo

NobleCameo4 zps3e72be71 Illamasqua Noble & Cameo

Cameo is equally stunning, but undoubtedly less loud. A stunning cornflower blue, think along the lines of Essie Lapis of Luxury but a couple of shades darker and about fifty times better. Unlike Noble it’s definitely not a potential one-coater but two is perfect. Again, super glossy and nicely hard wearing as always.

If you’re a blue fan, and an Illamasqua fan, you need to pick these up for sure. They cost £13.50 each and can be picked up in store or online.

  • jennie

    Oh my gosh Noble is perfect! Need! <3

  • Coco

    I have wanted this for a while and now I want them more. So pretty and Illamasqua polishes are so good x

  • Jodie-Winyan

    both are such beautiful colours!
    so jealous of how long your nails are too, I’d never be able to do anything with them that long haha! xo

    • Leanne

      Haha funnily enough I can’t do anything with them short, my fingers feel so weird when I have to cut them down! They’re pretty strong though, and I never EVER do washing up or cleaning without marigolds on ;-) x

  • FrancesCassandra♥

    I LOVE cornflower blues so Cameo is right up my street! Such a pretty shade :)

    Frances xx

  • glampunksuicide

    Those two colours are possibly the best blue nail polishes I’ve seen in a long time! Will be tracking them down shortly! :)

    • Leanne

      I know, aren’t they lovely?! :-)

  • Jane :)

    These are beautiful, some more for the wish list!

  • Samantha Marriott

    So so pretty! Love Illamasqua formula too!

    Great post! xo

  • FlailingPenguin

    Oooooh Noble is gorgeous! I need it in my life! :O x

  • HeartsAndCrosses

    These colours are amazing and perfect for Summer, theyre so bright and really would make an outfit pop! Need to get my hands on an illamasqua polish! :)


    • Leanne

      Yeah I can imagine I’ll be getting a lot of use out of these in the summer, especially Noble! x

  • Voodoo Blonde

    love the shades and your nails! found your blog while searching for some reviews on the Kryolan Ultra Fluid Foundation, I saw you loved it. going to buy mine soon, love Kryolan :D cheers from Croatia. (following you now)

    • Leanne

      Thank you! I haven’t used that foundation in ages, must start using it again :-) it’s a really great one, I hope you love it!

  • Josie Read

    Wow I absolutely love these nail colours! So beautiful :)

    Josie xx