Guest Post: Sophie’s (Second!) Sleek/PPQ Palette Review

You might have seen that Sleek MakeUP have collaborated with fashion house PPQ for the second year running, this time releasing 2 capsule collections each including an i-Divine palette* and a matte lipgloss* (oxymoron much?). At the moment, I have more unreviewed eyeshadows than I can shake a shitty stick at so I enlisted the help of the lovely Sophie to review them for me. Sophie guest posted here with last year’s PPQ palette, so do check that out too! Over to Sophie :-)


Hey everyone, today I’ll be doing a guest review for Leanne on the Limited Edition Sleek Makeup PPQ collection. This is the Supreme Collection*, inspired by Motown.

I love Motown Music and I love the two collections that have been released, I think I like the look of the Respect collection a little more though.

The Supreme Collection cosists of an eyeshadow Palette which is full of mostly matte shades, a couple of the shades are quite satin in finish and one shade (the lightest) is full of shimmery goodness.

The shades are quite earthy and this palette would be perfect for a vibrant, natural or smokey makeup look, so it’s very versatile. I love the bright yellow and green shades myself, they are quite unusual and like nothing else I own. For mattes, these shadows are so pigmented and smooth to apply, which I find to be the case with most Sleek palettes that I own. Check out the swatches..

The other product in the collection is the ‘Truly, Mattely, Deeply’ matte lipgloss. Is it me or does that name contradict itself? How can a matte product be called a gloss. This is a lip cream, it’s intensely pigmented and I think I’d love the red one from the Respect collection… That is not the case with this shade however. ‘Soul’ is a very blue based pink, but it is just way too pale, like a baby pink concealer for the lips. I did take a lip swatch picture but it was just too bad to show, but you can see from my swatch that it has a good colour payoff, it’s just a bad colour for me. I’ not sure I see how this shade could look good on anybody, but I’m sure some people will love it – It is very Nicki Minaj (!). I’m sort of hoping it might look good paired with something else, but I am yet to experiment with that.

So there you have it. I love the palette and I really like the idea of the lip cream, just not the colour. I’ll definitely be checking out the Respect palette and lip shade. You can check out this collection here. (Products can also be purchased individually.)

If anybody would like to check out my blog, please do. Link! Thanks again Leanne for allowing me to do this guest review for you!

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