Everybody Has Secrets

Something a bit different today – but something that should be relevant for everybody.

It’s true – we all have thoughts, feelings, memories, secrets that we’d never tell anybody even if we wish we could. Half the time, I have trouble even admitting these sorts of things to myself! I’m a very private person – I could count the people who have more than a passing knowledge of my personal life on one hand – and I like it that way. But new social media service Pencourage is throwing a lifeline to everybody who wishes they could speak about things; with the promise of absolute anonymity.

I am a hugely emotional person, but it’s not always appropriate to voice your thoughts and feelings on a public forum like Twitter or Facebook. As much as I love Twitter, I think the continuous and epic rise of social media in general has caused the world to become a community of oversharers. Pencourage is the sort of place that you should go to if you’re one of those people that post hideously detailed and cringeworthy Facebook statuses about your relationship breakdown. You know the sort I mean. Some things are SUPPOSED to be kept private.

Pencourage have struck the perfect balance between getting things off your chest, and not airing your dirty laundry in public. On the site, you will be able to post your thoughts and feelings, add relevant music or videos to your journal posts, and my personal favourite; the survey function allows you to anonymously seek real, honest advice from other users about anything you might be agonising over without the fear of being judged by anyone you know.

Pencourage is right up my street. I used to keep an anonymous blog a few years ago, but I stopped posting on it and deleted it because I never wanted it to be found. Bit of a shame really because when I try, I can have quite the way with words and I was proud of some of the things I wrote. In total honesty, I never wrote anything particularly untoward but mostly just very personal things, particularly about the way I feel about myself. That’s where my real battle is. I signed up a few days ago, and have loved being able to just spout whatever rubbish I’m thinking or feeling without having to concern myself with sharing it with anyone. This is my ideal use for Pencourage – if I feel like a bit of self-deprecation I can go ahead and say whatever I like. Believe it or not, it actually makes me feel better.

To put it succinctly, Pencourage is the difference between what someone is saying, and what someone is really thinking. I love it.

Signing up to Pencourage is completely free – and, I’ll say it again – completely anonymous. What sorts of things would you write about? If you could say anything, and no one would ever hear it, what would you say?

This is a sponsored post – but rest assured I wouldn’t
have bothered writing it if I didn’t positively LOVE the idea.

One thought on “Everybody Has Secrets

  1. I love the idea of this. I know that there are helplines etc but there are still people out there that find it difficult to speak about their problems whether that be to a friend or a complete stranger so its comforting to know that there is a place you can go and type your problems to your hearts content and there is going to be someone there to listen without judgement. I think its great that you have highlighted it as I think there will be a lot of people out there that will benefit from it.

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