Deja Vu On The Shelves Of Boots

So, I just wanted to write a quick post on something that has thoroughly irritated me. You may have noticed that the lovely Frontcover sets that we have come to know and love (and are quite frankly synonymous with Christmas!) haven’t made their usual appearance on the shelves at Boots this year. You wanna know why?

In addition to Frontcover disappearing, you may have noticed these Boots 17 branded imitations in their place. Well, what happened is this: Boots approached Frontcover with an offer that came with a big price: raising the prices of their kits, including less product in each kit, and using cheaper ingredients to create them. Naturally, Frontcover told them to stick it somewhere unpleasant.

This means that Frontcover will no longer be sold in Boots, and these crap 17 kits will be in their place. This really bothers me – whilst I’m really pleased that Frontcover didn’t sell out by raising the price and lowering the quality of their products, I’m annoyed that Boots have copied their kits so precisely. This 17 Nail Clash kit bears a rather striking resemblance to Frontcover’s Brush Work kit from last year. I mean.. they haven’t even attempted to do something original.

Obviously Boots know that Frontcover and the format of their kits have been a great seller for them over the years, so they felt all they could do was create a crap imitation so as not to miss out on all that lovely profit. Siiigh. Whilst I generally think 17′s products are alright, I won’t be purchasing any of these kits for a comparison or anything ’cause I think what they’ve done is totally rubbish.

Still, big high fives to Frontcover for sticking by their morals and refusing to compromise the quality of their products. Frontcover is now available via their webstore, QVC and, if you’re an international reader, in Sephora. See, Boots – they don’t need you, they’ve got bigger and better things happening!

Do you care that Boots have so blatantly ripped off Frontcover here? Will you be buying any of the 17 kits in lieu of Frontcover?

19 thoughts on “Deja Vu On The Shelves Of Boots

  1. I appreciate your irritation, but cosmetics companies have ALWAYS been copying each other and often in the most obvious ways. You just can’t patent that shit and so it’s up for grabs and competition and people nowadays unfortunately care more about price than quality and trust in Boots’ own brand. It’s cleverly done by Boots, they control which brands they stock & sell so yeah, they can pretty much fuck over anyone really.

    1. Yeah yeah I totally get what you mean – and I love it when drugstore brands come out with affordable copies of high end products, don’t get me wrong – I just think Boots were utter arseholes in this situation!

  2. I loved front cover sets and frankly have never really though 17 had many great quality products so I do not fear any comparison. Thankfully frontcover is still available online cause these kits I don’t think will match up, but it is true, cosmetic companies will copy anything that sells well, just look at the Caviar manicure.


    1. See, I still think the Boots ones will sell because the everyday consumer probably won’t even notice the difference, just because we know the brand well doesn’t mean everyone does, especially people who aren’t as obsessed by makeup as we are!

  3. to be fairly honest, i never bought front cover in the first place and i dreaded getting one for christmas because I just didn’t like the look of them… I’d probably rather get a 17 set because i know the brand; front cover could be a wonder product but I tend to stick to what I know when it comes to ‘gift sets’ because i’ve been stung so many times with rubbish products

    Jade |

  4. I’ve never been a huge fan of these kinds of sets, I never seem to reach for the products in them! I can’t really say a whole lot about the copying thing because I LOVE when highstreet companies come out with their own versions of higher end cosmetics, so I’d feel like a bit of a hypocrite!

    Good for Front Cover for standing by their products though, that’s lovely to see! <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. Totally with you – I’ve got a few Frontcover things and sadly don’t reach for them that often (even though they’re really good products) because they’re just not convenient to use . And totally with you on loving when high street brands dupe high end ones, but Boots aren’t making it any cheaper – they’re making them slightly more expensive with lower quality which is rubbish! x

  5. I am so annoyed!! I LOVE the Front Cover sets.. (this years sparkle set is beautiful!) and was hoping to pick a few up in Boots for Christmas presents for my other half’s sisters. :( I saw the 17 sets yesterday, in fact, I went into Boot just to see them. Not very impressed with content, price or quality. Sad times.
    Alix x

  6. This is super lame. I would have bought a Front Cover set as a gift, but I would never buy a 17 branded item/set as a present because, come on, everyone knows it’s that budget brand you started off using (and I say this as someone who uses their BB cream every day, but it’s not a gifting brand, you know?)

    Blatant copying is gross too, good on FC for sticking by their guns.

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