Polishgasm: Color Club Ulterior Motive

Phwwoooaarr! This is Color Club Ulterior Motive from the Alter Ego: Keep It Undercover collection which I think was for SS11? I had a bit of a list of discontinued Color Clubs that I was lusting over, and amazingly my lovely New Jersey friend Danielle managed to get hold of this one for me, and a couple more – one of which I am VERY excited to show you soon.

This one totally blew me away though, it’s absolutely flawless. A gorgeous fuchsia pink full of blue and purple glass flecks, perfectly opaque and smooth in two coats, what’s not to love? It really glows. LOVE IT. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Polishgasm: Color Club Ulterior Motive

  1. Wow! Your nails are amazing. I’ve shamefully bitten mine again after a particularly stressful essay. They look crap now :( But I’m now using your nails as inspiration to grow my own again! xo

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