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I’m sure you know by now that my hair is naturally curly. I used to straighten the life out of it from the ages of about 12-18, but then learned to embrace my natural curls. Well, I say that, it was more out of laziness than anything because my hair is so long and thick that blowdrying and straightening it is such a MASSIVE chore. I did start to love the curly look, though.

A few months back, I had a haircut where a LOT of the weight and thickness of my hair was chopped out. Whenever I get my hair cut, I always go for a straight blow dry as a change to my usual scruffy curls and since it was so much more manageable after that cut, I got back into straightening it on a regular basis. I’ve not had my hair cut since then though (although I do have one booked for tomorrow!), and it’s once again getting to the point where it takes FAR too long to dry and straighten it, and even when I’ve done so its appearance is just lacklustre. I still do it though, as since I rekindled my love affair with my trusty ghd straighteners I’ve found my hair to look really scruffy, dull and awful when I leave it curly.

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Luckily for me, ghd came to the rescue with their Style & Protect Gift Set* (£39). The set, which you can see above, comes with a paddle brush (I couldn’t live without one of these), two clips (couldn’t live without a ton of these either), a Straight and Smooth spray and a Final Shine spray. The price tag may seem a little steep but really, it’s a saving of a good few pounds on buying the items separately, plus you get the lovely gift box. I’ve taken the insert out of mine and am currently using it to store hair bits!

As per the directions, I spritzed a bit of the Straight and Smooth spray through my towel dried hair before blow drying, then I went a bit mad and used it as a heat protectant while straightening it too. I’ve been using ghds for years and years, and honestly my hair has never looked so smooth or properly straight as when using this spray. It’s a winner, and I’ll definitely be repurchasing this one.

I misted my hair all over with a bit of the Final Shine spray when I was done, and it really does give an amazing shine to your hair. I find shine products leave my hair feeling limp or greasy, but this one was a real healthy looking luster. Top marks!

Feast your eyes on the before and after. The top photo is my hair left to dry naturally and do its own thing – you can see that it looks dark, dull and lacks any sort of depth or anything. The bottom photo is post-straightening with my (ancient) ghds and the aid of the Straight and Smooth and Final Shine sprays. Amazingly, my hair looks several shades lighter and just LOOK at how smooth and shiny it is!

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You can colour me very, very impressed with these products. When it comes to heat sprays and hair styling products, I’d always just thought that a rose is a rose is a rose but I’ve been well and truly converted. I might even invest in a ghd Air hairdryer next! If you’re a little more creative with your hairstyles than I am, be sure to check out ghd’s style page for some great inspiration.

If you’re interested in the Style & Protect Gift Set, you can buy it here – or better yet, stick it on your Christmas list!


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