The Burning Question: Blog Comments

So, something has been puzzling the crap out of me lately.

I’ve been writing this blog for almost 3 and a half years now. It’s taken me LOTS of time, lots of money, lots of hard work and lots and LOTS of nail polish to get Do Not Refreeze where it is today. I may not have been an overnight blogging sensation, but I worked damn hard to get to this point and I’m very proud of it.

Recently, I was reading through some of my older posts and noticed something funny. Naturally, over the years, my followers and page views have increased exponentially. The comments I receive however have really, really decreased. I’ve been slowly noticing it for a while actually, but it wasn’t until I remembered how much feedback I used to get that it really made me sit and think. I’ve never outwardly complained about it, but it does make your heart sink a little bit when you’ve been really proud of a post when you hit the Publish button and no one has anything to say. I know you lovely lot are reading – that’s what Analytics is for – but why is no one commenting any more?

I know it’s not just me – it seems to be quite universal amongst those who’ve been blogging for a long time. We all just seem to get less comments than we used to. Like I said, obviously our followers and views have increased, and presumably our posts have improved in quality, but our comments have dwindled. Why is that? My instant thought was that maybe because there’s just SO many blogs out there now, we have so much more to read and therefore less time to comment. I’ll be the first to hold my hands up and admit, I only comment on about 5% of blog posts that I read these days whereas a couple of years ago it used to be more like 50%. Is it karmic retribution that my posts (which really weren’t very good back then) used to get a ton of comments a couple of years ago, but now I consider it a good day if I get a handful?

I wanted to know what other people thought. So I asked on Twitter:

People who’ve been blogging a long time – do you find that even though your followers and stats/views have increased over the last couple of years, that you get a lot less comments than you used to? People definitely don’t seem to comment as much, and I wonder what the reason is? Is it because there’s SO many blogs to read now that commenting is too time consuming? Answers on a postcard!

Here are some of the responses I received:

It seems that others have the same explanations as me. Jayne’s thought that more of our interaction with each other happens via social media these days is very interesting – and there’s a lot of truth in it.

Before I go any further I just want to say that this whole post is NOT a complaint. I’m always grateful for the support I do have – my blogging life is great. I just can’t quite get my head around how our followers and views can grow but not our comments – once the three of those would have gone hand in hand but that doesn’t seem to be the case any more. Even if I do end almost every post with a question (always have done) in an effort to engage the people who’ve taken the time to read the post and encourage interaction.

So, a question to answer: if you find that you comment on blogs a lot less frequently than you used to, what are your reasons for that? I’ll start – it sounds like a pathetic excuse but it’s exactly like I said at the very beginning of this post. There are just SO many blogs to read now that I couldn’t possibly have time to comment on them all. I do make a bit of an effort, but not nearly as much as I should or as much as I used to. I also do a large chunk of my blog reading using Google Reader on my phone whilst travelling to and from work, and I can’t comment using that. How about you?

I will never, ever stop blogging because I don’t feel like I’m getting enough attention. That’s not what it’s about for me – I do it because I bloody love it and it’s a wonderful justification for the amount of money I spend on products. But I will definitely admit that it’s discouraging at best to receive minimal feedback on something I work so hard on. And I’m sure there’s dozens (hundreds? Thousands, even?) of you who feel the same!

We all put a LOT of time and effort into our blogs, and I think we need to appreciate each other’s hard work more than we do these days.

I, Leanne Parsons, hereby pledge to comment on as many blog posts as I possibly can instead of just reading them. I pledge to outwardly show my appreciation for what others do on their blogs rather than just thinking about it. Cross my heart and hope to die!

93 thoughts on “The Burning Question: Blog Comments

  1. I have found myself running out of time to comment, now that I have an Out-Of-The-Home job. And yes, more of my interactions were via Twitter. So both of those ring true. I do have a few blogs where I’ll make comments, but not a whole lot, not on a consistent basis!

    1. I am exactly the same – I had far more time to do it when I only worked part-time and I lived with my parents so didn’t have so much other stupid grown up stuff to do. But it’s important to me, so I’m definitely going to make more of an effort!

  2. This is such a great post and in no way does it come across as ungrateful!

    I have also found the amount of comments I get have dwindled but it doesn’t deter me from blogging, even though I always end my post with a question.

    I comment on blog posts that I have a connection with or have something to say but I always feel that if i’m constantly commenting on a particular blogger’s blog, that I’m just annoying them so I sporadically comment (if you know what I mean!). I think it also has to do with the sheer amount of blogs out there that some people just don’t have time to comment. It’s a shame really, I enjoy the interaction with my readers.


    1. Thank you!

      I totally understand what you mean about constantly commenting on a particular blog – but I have to say I absolutely love regular commenters! When I used to get lots of comments, I always noticed the same handful of people popping up and it always made me smile. x

  3. I never comment because i use google reader to read all the entries, and if i want to comment, i have to open the post in other window, and… if i dont need to say something important, i just dont take the time to say something like : “I realy like it” or something like that.

    But, i have to admit that if i was a blog owner, i would love to recieve comment to be in contact with my readers and to feel that someone find my post useful.

    oh.. the laziness :\

    1. this, exactly. i was going to comment that i use google reader, and there just is no easy way to comment without opening another window. again, like, wolframio, if i don’t have anything worthwhile to say, seldom do i take the time to open that other window and comment.

    2. Ahh totally agree with you all! The lack of commenting on Google Reader drives me absolutely insane – although I guess it IS a reader, it’s not Google Commenter.. but it should be.

      Wolframio, YES. It also really bugs me that you don’t get an alert from Blogger if you get a reply to a comment you left. I know they added the ‘reply’ button a few months back which is an improvement on what it used to be, but WHAT was the point in adding that if the original commenter doesn’t get told if THEY get a reply?

    3. lol, actually when i made a comment i let the window open to see if the blog owner answer me the next hours or days, like im doing right now. This is ok if you do a single comment, but imagine to comment on 5 or 6 post..

    4. Blimey, that’s dedication – thank you! But that would be an utter pain to do for more than one blog at a time – especially if you refreshed the page to see if you had a reply and turned out not to have one. How disheartening!

  4. I completely agree. Especially when you put time and effort into a post and get nothing back, it can be a little disheartening. I think everyone enjoys getting comments, I know I do. Its a great way to interact with readers and find new blogs. I wish I knew the answer as to why but unfortunately I don’t but I for one love commenting as well as receiving even if its just to say I enjoyed the post etc. Engaging with other bloggers is a must in the community :-)

    beckys makeup

    1. Definitely, definitely. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way – I certainly don’t intend to come across as ungrateful but why shouldn’t we want acknowlegement of the time and effort we put into something, you know? I actually really enjoy commenting too.

  5. I don’t think I comment much less than I ever used to but I rarely subscribe to new blogs these days. I’ve become more discriminating. Or found a level I’m content with.

    I know how important comments can be so I try to continue to comment because I know it offers encouragement/validation.

    My own blog doesn’t get much feedback but my blog is for ME mostly (very self-indulgent) so I don’t let it upset me. I know it’s not the greatest so that’s entirely fair.

    I don’t study the analytics either so I don’t know what the trend is generally.

    I imagine people are just time-poor these days. That would account for it.

    1. I’m the same actually – I haven’t followed a new blog for quite some time. I think the time is ripe for a cull of my following list too, there’s just too many that I never read any more because I’m no longer interested in them. Perhaps weeding those out would encourage me to be more active in terms of the ones I do love?

      You’re one of my favourite commenters, I love to get one from you because you always have something decent to say. That’s not to say I don’t like the comments that say ‘this is great, I love this!’ or whatever, but your comments are always engaging.

    2. Actually I examined my conscience since I wrote this and I AM falling down on my commenting if I’m honest.

      So you’ve made me rethink my behaviour. I’m actually a better commenter (is there such a word?) than I am a blogger so I should definitely stick with the commenting.

      Thanks for the compliment! No pressure then…. arghhh!

    3. Haha, don’t go back on your word on my account!

      No pressure whatsoever ;-)…

      But you’re by no means not a ‘good blogger’. How can you even define that crap anyway?

  6. I’ve noticed the same & I know a lot of others have too. I’ve been super lazy with blog commenting so for the last few days I’ve been returning comments to everyone who has taken the time to comment on one of my posts. It’s something I used o do a year ago and it’s been so nice leaving comments again, I forgot how much I enjoyed it! Xo

    1. That’s definitely something I need to get back into doing. I used to reply to every comment too, but time and laziness stopped me doing it for a long time. Lately I’ve been replying sporadically to the odd comment here and there, but I’m going to make sure I reply to every single one now. Thanks for commenting :) x

  7. I’m not going to lie- I stopped commenting on a lot of the “bigger” blogs because I didn’t think they really cared anymore! If you asked them a question, more often than not, you never get a reply. Even when I tweeted them either asking a question or just commenting on a picture they posted or a question they asked, they never replied to me but instead chatted with the other big bloggers that they were friendly with. It’s not a nice feeling and I just thought that if they couldn’t reply then, they are obviously not going to care about my blog comment!

    The amount of followers someone has puts me off a bit too for some reason. If they have a fair lot then I always think “sure someone else will comment anyway so it doesn’t matter”

    I’ve followed your blog for ages and you actually got me into nail art in the first place but I never really thought to comment that often just based on your follower count!

    I hope this incredibly long comment makes up for all those lost comments haha x

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and your honesty!

      I TOTALLY know what you mean though. I started doing the same thing when I was a relatively ‘new’ blogger – but really, if everyone had that mentality it would explain why most people are experiencing less comments than they used to! It’s the same principle as when you can vote on a TV show or whatever, ‘oh I won’t bother voting for X because she’s the public’s favourite, I know she’ll win anyway. Do you know what I mean?

      That is absolutely INSANE that I got you into nail art. I feel so flattered by that – your blog is so good. I just started following – I wish you’d have commented earlier so I’d have discovered your blog before! It’s amazing, keep it up!

      But yes, a long one does make up for all the lost ones ;-) hahaha. Thank you! x

    2. 186 followers since April is an amazing achievement, well done you! I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow when I should be working – reading back through your posts!

      Maybe you’d like to do a guest post for me some time? I’d love to feature your art on my blog and it might be good exposure for you :-) x

    3. Cuti has expressed it perfectly. I think that too! You big players sometimes seem as if you are probably a bit too high-calibre for those of us with smaller followerships.

      The fact that you have looked at all these comments proves that YOU don’t think you’re ‘above’ us. So kudos for that.

      And you made me do my first nailart. At which I stink. But that’s not your fault! ;o)

    4. Haha Jen, I’m not a ‘big player’. I never have been, and I’ve never believed I’m above anyone!

      I will never get over that. I was totally overwhelmed when you started your blog with one of my nail designs. Thank you so much :-D

  8. Shame really, I love to interact and plus if so much effort goes into the making of that post, why not express an opinion, or say something! lol it keeps credibility between the readers and the blog owner.

  9. My reason is probably a combination of things. I follow a large amount of blogs and like you I just wouldn’t ever get through them all if I commented on every one – though I definitely do read them all! I also only comment if I feel I’m adding something or have really enjoyed the post – like wolframio above I will rarely just comment to say ‘I like that’, I always try to have something more substantial to say and if I don’t, I won’t comment.
    I do have my own blog though and in almost 100 posts I’ve never had more than 10 comments – although I have very few readers though so I supposed it’s to be expected – but even so it is a little disheartening.
    I wouldn’t say the amount I comment has gone down though, by nature I am a person who doesn’t like to post comments unless I really have something to say, if I don’t feel like I’m adding anything I will just feel like my comment would mean nothing if I did post it if that makes sense? I know that’s not true really as we all appreciate every comment but especially on larger blogs I kind of feel like my comment would just sound like everybody else’s.
    Woah, long comment haha, sorry! x

    1. No worries, I LOVE long comments! Haha

      Ahh see I’m even worse than that, I don’t even read them all.. I really need to prune my following list, if I didn’t spend so long skipping past the ones that no longer interest me maybe I’d have more time for the others. It’s always disheartening not to receive feedback on your posts so I completely understand – I went about 6 months or so before I started getting followers and comments when I started, and that’s way before the whole beauty blogging thing really took off so there wasn’t much ‘competition’ – although I don’t like to use the word competition because we’re a family, we’re not competing against each other. x

  10. I also am dealing with little or no comments, most of the time I received no comments at all. I feel like I am talking to myself with every post that I write. I am also considering quitting blogging. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to blog and if no one is active on my blog then it becomes a grueling chore to write one post.

    1. I hate the feeling of talking to yourself. But honestly, I still enjoy what I’m doing so I will keep doing it, even if everyone stops reading as well as commenting. I’ve always said that if it ever starts feeling like a chore or I stop enjoying it, I’ll have a little break to get refreshed. Maybe you should take a little break and see you how you feel. If I ever came back to blogging after a short break and still wasn’t enjoying it, it would be time to throw in the towel. I hope you stick around though!

  11. I totally agree! I have to say though, I’ve been getting a few more comments lately when I’ve shared my blog posts in the ‘Northern Bloggers’ facebook page, and when I tweeted my posts using the #bbloggers hashtag on twitter.

    I follow about 250 blogs so it takes me about an hour to go through my google reader every day (I skip a lot of posts too!), it’d take me so long to comment on every blog post I read! I also agree with Laura (above) – I hate making pointless comments like ‘great blog post’, I only tend to comment if I have something to add or I’ve really enjoyed the post.
    I think reading via google reader definitely lowers the likelihood I will comment – when I get to the bottom of a post, if I want to comment I have to scroll all the way back up to click through to the blog. I might start leaving a link to my blog at the end of my posts so people can click straight through if that’s how they read.

    1. Just thought of this too – most blog commenting systems don’t inform you when you get a reply which is a bit annoying. I used to have a plug in on firefox (cocomment) that recorded every site I commented on and I could see at a glance which ones had been replied to. It wasn’t compatible with newer versions of firefox and I have switched to chrome now, might go back and see if it’s compatible with chrome as it was really useful!

    2. Cocoment sounds amazing – why is that sort of thing not standard on any platform that allows you to leave comments?! It’s ridiculous!

      I should start using the #bbloggers hashtag – that’s really evolved from what it was originally meant for, hasn’t it?

  12. This is such such such an important issue for me. I take commenting seriously and I have taken a similar pledge. I do all my blog reading through google reader and I make a point of starring all the ones I want to comment on. On average I comment about 20 times a day, every day. I had a break from that in the month of february because I got fed up I was putting so much in and I was getting so little out of it. But guess what after a month of not doing it, I missed it so much and more than I could think of. Sometimes, I tweet about the stuff I like, as i feel it’s more beneficial for the person to get a shout out than a comment but sometimes I do it too much and people visit more the links from other people that I tweet rather than my own links, which is a bit laughable really. oh well.
    you probably seen this already but I can’t resist sending you a link to an old post I did on the subject but it might cheer you up xx

    liloo/@tsunimee xx

    my answer to all this: I don’t know how many blog posts appear each day on my reader, but let’s say that it’s 250. (I follow 450 blogs) so if I comment on 20 posts roughly a day, that’s just 10% of what I read. So basically, the content I comment on needs to really grab me in one way or another for me to comment on, cos there’s only space for 20 comments basically. It’s harsh but that’s how I roll. So to get a comment from me, your post needs to be in the top 20 of blog posts during the day basically. Today, there’s no question about that as this is a topic very close to my heart and I just had to comment on it :) Polishgasm posts often gets comments from me, and tutorials too. I also like your stumble upon posts too.

    1. Oh Liloo, mon petit chou. I think my heart would have shattered into a million pieces if you hadn’t have commented on this post! ;-)

      A comment from you always brightens up my day, you always have something good to say. And I think a lot of other people feel the same way about you – you are like, the beauty blogging world’s ray of sunshine! You are so dedicated and it’s amazing. Love you lots! x

  13. I’m definitely receiving less, but I know I’m commenting less myself so I do see it as karmic. I’m also rubbish at responding to comments these days and I know that is discouraging for readers too.

    I have wondered if readers are a bit over the overdose on beauty. Not so much that the blogging bubble has burst but that more diversity is required? There certainly seems to be a shelf-life for solely blogging about beauty. I’m not sure if this is the same for nail bloggers too?

    1. Karma is a bitch, huh? I’m trying my best to respond to comments recently but I know I need to put more effort in. I feel like when a blogger doesn’t bother replying to any comments at all (especially when they get quite a large amount), it looks like they just don’t care. You know?

      That’s a really interesting thought.. beauty blogging is definitely growing as a force to be reckoned with in the marketing world, but I wonder if it’s been shoved down people’s throats so much that it’s becoming a bit same-old?

  14. I noticed this a while back – coincidentally it happened when the whole hoo-haa about GFC going for certain users – and my follwer number stayed the same for ages! I do tend to comment on a lot of blogs BUT i tend to read them when i get in from work and I sit for a good hour reading through everybodys posts – i will comment on about 50% of the blogs i read – & i also use twitter too. I think commenting on other peoples encourages them to maybe come across to yours and i notice who comments on mine regularly. I think people are put off by the fact there is no notification when you get a reply – if i have any questions now i tend to just hop on twitter.

    Interesting post.. xx :)

    1. It’s definitely true that commenting on other people’s blogs encourages them to look at yours (although not when people spam their own blog links in someone else’s comments! Such a pet hate!) – I think that’s how a lot of new bloggers get off the ground.

      Blogger NEED to integrate notifications for when people reply to your comments! x

  15. am i getting lucky or is it bec im just taking the uphill climb? i just turned 2 in blogging and its only recently that ive been noticing an increase in views and in comments. although of course the increase isnt really substantial yet, the difference is NOW there are comments haha :D

    how i wish though that spam comments stop. i mean, i get it that you want to advertise a link to your site on my thread and i am tired taking an offense at it, but as a treat, i hope you leave a valid comment so your FREE advertising makes my day too haha

    1. Good, I’m pleased for you! :-)

      God, spam comments are the WORST. Do people not realise that when they leave a comment, their name is hyperlinked to their blog anyway? Do they not realise that if they leave a link asking you to check out their blog, that you’re even LESS likely to do so? *sigh*

  16. I receive less comments but never really thought much about it. I rarely leave comments as man…I am doing the ironing now at 11.03pm after getting home from job number 2, after this I have to paint my toenails, defuzz and set out my outfit for the morning, there are just not enough hours in the day anymore. I read my favourite blogs daily and mostly via my iphone which also makes it impossible to comment half the time. So all in all stupid technology and lack of time make me a crap commenter, not because I read any less x

    1. I don’t even know HOW you find the time to write your own blog let alone comment on other people’s, you are Superwoman I swear. There really needs to be more hours in a day.

      But anyway, what are you doing on here? Get back to the bloody ironing woman! ;-) x

  17. I’ve only started blogging this year so I can’t really relate back, though I admit I frequently read a post and don’t comment. When I do, its because either:
    1. The post is relatable (eg I have the product) and have something to add.
    2. The writer is my blogging friend that I chat to on twitter or comment a lot back and forth.
    3. I feel like the writer needs some encouragement or a little boost :)

    So when I don’t comment, its not because I don’t find the post interesting, its just because I feel like they’re doing just fine- though I guess it wouldn’t hurt to tell the blogger that. Also, 9/10 its just laziness. When I begin writing a comment, I tend to go on and on, so I know that I’ll be there for a good while writing. Another reason I won’t comment is that silly google commenter crashes and loose my big long comment (it has just happened and this is the second time I have written this haha)

    So yep, I hope that makes sense. I too am going to make more of an effort to comment even a sentence on every post I read :)xx

    1. That’s really interesting to know, thank you! I am pretty similar in my reasons for commenting actually. Most bloggers (me included!) love getting long rambly comments, it’s fun and it’s human. They’re always a pleasure to read – I bet you love it if you get long comments, right? :-) x

  18. I’ve noticed this, but even bloggers with alot of followers & comments, they don’t ever reply which is probably one of the reasons why i read their posts but don’t leave comments. Its not fair really but it feels so ungreatful of them. It only takes a few seconds to reply..

    Plus sometimes theres only so many ‘glossybox’ posts & ‘mac lipsticks/eyeshadows’ post i can comment on.

    & cos we don’t get notifications when we do get a reply, it almost seems pointless to comment :/ xx

    1. I completely know what you mean. It bugs me when ‘big’ bloggers don’t bother replying to ANY comments, it definitely seems ungrateful although I’m sure it’s more down to the whole time thing, just like the commenters themselves.

      Haha, I don’t think I’ve ever commented on a Glossybox post.. they are always so samey. Once in a while I will do a post on a full review of a product that came in a Glossybox, but the ‘this is what was in my box’ posts are VERY repetitive. Yes, that’s what you got in your box, and so did hundreds of other people!

      Blogger really, REALLY need to add a notification for replies. Siiigh! Thanks for commenting :-) x

  19. When I first started blogging I only followed a small number of blogs and commented on basically every new post, but now, like you said, there are so many blogs out there, and I now follow SO many, over 200 I think, that commenting on all of them would take forever!

    I also was so passionate when I first started blogging, that reading the blogs I followed for hours and commenting on them was exciting and fun. As I have discovered more and more fantastic blogs, I just have to read more than I comment to save time! I also have a different job now, and less time to spend online. I end up letting my own posting slip never mind commenting on others’.

    I still comment when a post is really interesting/inspiring/helpful etc, but I will still read most blog posts in my reader, even though I don’t comment a lot these days.

    I also think, when I find a new blog I love, I will be a bit obsessed at first and comment a lot, but as time goes on, I will still read but neglect to comment. I suppose it is because the novelty wears off, and just because it takes soo long sometimes.

    I think those are my main reasons for lack of commenting on most blogs, and I have noticed the number of comments on my own blog decreasing, despite the follower number rising. Way of the blogging world, I suppose! x

    1. I totally get everything you’re saying – I really think the sheer amount of blogs out there now is the biggest factor in it to be honest! I am exactly the same as you – I have to REALLY want to say something about a post before I bother commenting these days whereas a couple of years ago it was feasible to comment on everything. Thanks for your comment! x

  20. I follow and read masses of blogs and comment as much as I can but I have all the same problems as everyone else above, the lack of time, the lack of a notifier to tell me I’ve had a reply, the fact I read a lot on my phone and it’s difficult to comment that way, and yes I have always been put off by people with huge followings because they tend to reply less often and also have so many comments it feels like mine will get lost amongst them all and go unread.
    I do have one MAJOR stopping point that hasn’t been mentioned yet though. Captchas. I understand why they exist, to reduce spam posting and so on, but they are time consuming, hard to read, and a complete pain which MASSIVELY puts me off even bothering to comment. It basically means I’ll only bother if I have something burningly important to say.

    1. I’m with you – captchas are INFURIATING. It’s not that hard to delete a spam comment if you get one. I really don’t think there’s any need for captchas – like you say they’re time consuming and they’re always so hard to read that I end up refreshing it about 10 times before I find one that I can actually decipher!

  21. Sometimes readers, such as myself, do not have an active online presence. I may read a lot of blogs, but do not own one of any sort, and the way comments are set up often ask us to sign in or differentiate ourselves using this type of identification. It is a bit of a pain and a little disheartening/embarrassing for me; I always feel like some sort of voyeur, peeking in on other people’s blogs but not contributing anything to the blogophere.

    Other than that, I sometimes start typing comments and then begin to think what I say is stupid and then change my mind. Maybe I’m just getting too caught up and overthinking, but while the community is open and friendly, you can’t deny that the interactions are basically between strangers and you don’t know how other people will perceive you or your opinions :\

    That said, I do appreciate the work that is put into the content on the blogs I read, and I make an effort to comment if something really speaks to me or I feel I have something valid to say.

    1. It’s certainly not a problem to be ‘just’ a reader. I think I might consider getting a third party comment system for this very reason! Thanks for your input :)

  22. This is such a cool blog post, I like it!

    I am commenting just as much as I have done all the time I’ve been blogging, but there are larger blogs that I just don’t bother with anymore.

    Communication has to be a two way thing for me, and some of the owners of the big and popular blogs have lost connection with their readers in my opinion. To make it short: If they act as if they don’t care about their readers, then I stop commenting. I also often stop visiting their blogs, and just skim them over on my dash board.

    1. Thank you!

      I always notice your comments – thanks :) but yeah, I’m inclined to agree with you. I’m guilty of going through a bit of a phase where I couldn’t be bothered to reply to comments, but I hate it when people do it to me so why should I start doing it? I don’t want to become one of those people that everyone thinks is stuck up and ungrateful.

    1. Yeah, the Google Reader app is pretty much the same as the web version with the clickthrough thing. It’s an absolute pain anyway, but it’s even worse on phones! I don’t know why they don’t add a comment function within Google Reader…

  23. I’ve got over 250 subscriptions in my reader and can easily get through about that many posts in a day. I only tend to comment if the post speaks to me/I have something to say, but I do make the effort to comment on as many blogs as possible.

    However, there are blogs I don’t bother to comment on. Some big bloggers don’t seem to care that there are people out their commenting on their posts, so why should I care to comment? I love it when I get an email saying the author has has taken the time to respond to my comment and will often go back to continue the conversation. In some respects social media has leeched the sense of community out of blogging and taken it across to a different platform. It’s a shame because post comments are a great way of involving a large group of people in a discussion without all having to be in the same place for the same 15 mins.

    1. Wait, what? You get an email if the author responds to your comment? HOW!?

      I definitely agree about the leeching thing. I miss the sense of community within blogs themselves rather than the current community of bloggers on other platforms.

    1. Thank you :) I’ve been making a SUPER effort today on commenting! I’m really going to try my best to keep it up, because you’re right, it is nice to get feedback. I love getting comments, so why shouldn’t I do the same for other people, right? x

  24. Good idea for a blog post! To be honest, the reason I sometimes read a successful blog but neglect to comment is because I sometimes think that little old me doesn’t matter to someone with thousands of followers, whereas those with only a few hundred garner more comments. I realise now that that isn’t the way, you’ve made me think about it quite a bit. I comment on almost every post I read, probably 85%, but now I will comment on blogs big and small :) xx

    1. If you ask me, everybody matters – but I don’t qualify myself as a ‘successful blog’ as such. I mean, I’m doing okay but I’m certainly not in the big leagues! I can’t say how anyone else feels obviously, but I always notice your comments – I notice everyone who comments regularly on my blog! x

  25. I love this post. I think this is the first time I’ve commented on yours, if not one of very few, even though you were the first one I read, I just didn’t have an account that would let me comment on any. I tried every option on the dropdown and none would let me at all!

    1. Thank you! That is amazing to think that this was the first blog you read – thank you. :)

      I changed that setting for comments today – I had NO IDEA that people without a Google account couldn’t comment until someone told me on Twitter today so I changed it.

  26. I comment a lot less than I used to as well, I think its the whole ‘captcha’ code thing (or whatever it’s called), a lot of blogs have it and I don’t think the users realise, (I used to have it until one day someone commented about a funny word that had come up on mine) it really puts me off as it drives me nuts! x

    1. The Captcha thing absolutely infuuuriates me! It’s so unnecessary – especially annoying when you go to the trouble of writing a thoughtful comment on someone’s post, then have to put a captcha in, and then it says ‘Your comment will be visible after blog owner approval’. I realise that captchas prevent spam, but so does setting it up so you have to approve comments before they’re visible. You don’t need both! x

    2. yes!! fully agree with that! I support approval of comments because its easier to see if you’ve got a comment then, especially if someone posts on a reaaally old post, but to have both is unnecessary! x

    3. Definitely – I don’t have my comments on approval nor do I have captcha turned on – if I do get a spam comment its not exactly hard to delete it. I get emails when I get comments so I don’t feel the need to have approval on, so you don’t really NEED either of them but approval isn’t annoying like captcha is! Thing is, I think most people don’t realise they even have captcha on, I think it might be turned on by default x

    1. Waheeyy! One small step for Leanne.. :-)

      I considered moving to WordPress about 18 months ago but while it IS undeniably a much nicer and more reliable platform to work with, I think Blogger is still very much where the community is. Commenting on WP blogs is generally seen as a bit of a faff – but it’s not!

  27. haha, well here we go, this is where all the comments have been hiding.
    My blog comments have also decreased, I got to a peak and now lost it, however my stats are a lot less than they used to be too- it’s hard knowing that when people are kinda screaming at you “No one wants to read your blog, or comment” why should you carry on. I am a pretty big commenter, however there are blogs I follow (yours for truth be told) but I rarely comment on. Why? I don’t know, many different reasons, but over all I think commenting is important & I hate the people who get all the comments and don’t take the time to even read, let a lone comment on others blogs.
    I think it’s sad to say there’s “too many” blogs to read and comment, but I guess this is a little truth. I don’t follow everyone, and you see the smaller/younger blogs come through and they have there own “group” and they probably know little about us, as we do about them, even though we’ve been doing it for years. I feel very passionately about reading blogs, and it just comes naturally for me to then comment for the most of them.
    I think it’s important to just carry on and get through it, because I think times will change and comments will improve again, if you have the readers then you know you’re doing something right.
    SORRY for the rambled comment, that probably doesn’t make sense xx

    1. Ahh I love this comment Steph! Don’t worry, it all makes perfect sense.

      I wouldn’t say there’s ‘too many’ blogs – you can’t have too much of a good thing! – but just that there’s ‘SO many’, it makes it harder to keep on top of everything.

      There’s definitely groups.. very much related to the ‘era’ if you get what I mean. You and me, we’ve been around for ages and I feel like we’re part of like, the ‘old crowd’. If that makes any sense! Like, when we were all new together we’d all comment on each other’s blogs like crazy, much in the same way the newer crowds do now. But over time we’ve naturally all progressed in our blogging and sadly we all just seemed to stop commenting on each other’s blogs and stuff. We need to fix this! xx

  28. Some of my posts get loads of comments and then others none at all. There doesn’t seem to a pattern or rhyme & reason to it so I just go with the flow. I’m always a least a month behind my blog reading as I suspect others are too at times. It could that people are reading posts that are older and feel that commenting makes it look like you are late to the party.

    If even we were all home on the dole, had no children, no other responsibilities and had all the in the world we couldn’t comment on all the blogs we read as new posts go up at a rate of knots!

    Having said that I’ve always made a conscious effort to comment on at least one post of the blogs I follow even if it’s every couple of weeks just to let them know I’m still reading.

    A x

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head there – ‘even if it’s every couple of weeks just to let them know I’m still reading’. I notice you popping up every now and again so I know you’re there!

      Really thoughtful response, thanks :-) x

  29. Great post, I know exactly what you are saying! I know I am guilty of maybe only commenting on about 10% of the posts I read, so maybe I need to step up my game then maybe I may start seeing a rise in comments on my own blog.

    It is a little disheartening though when you spend ages photographing and writing up a post for it to seemingly not get much response :(

    1. Thank you! That’s exactly what I’m trying to do now – I can’t expect everything on a plate, if I have to put more work into it than ‘just’ photographing and writing to see something out of it then that’s what I’ll do!

  30. I’m going to hold my hand up here and admit I am pretty crap at commenting on other blogs. Most of the reasons have already been mentioned but not being able to comment on the go (via my phone) is the real killer as I read most blogs whilst I am traveling somewhere rather than on an actual computer. It’s a poor excuse but I do try and make a mental note of posts that stand out to me and comment when I am on a computer (like now)! If commenting was as easy as texting I think we’d see an increase. For example I find I get more interaction on Instagram because commenting requires no effort.

    In terms of my own blog I wouldn’t say I’ve noticed an increase or decrease in comments but I’m relatively small fry in this blogging malark but one thing that does play on my mind is that I don’t interact (reply to comments) enough and this deters people from commenting again. I read all the comments I get and they really encourage me to blog more but like the commenting thing I find it hard to reply as I get comments via email and that’s usually on my phone!

    Anyway I love your blog and it’s usually the first one I read in the mornings you do post!

    (btw thank you for commenting on my blog :-) )

    1. I think MOST of us can hold our hands up and admit that we’re crap commenters! Not being able to comment on the go is a real clincher for me as well. Same as you, most of my blog reading is done while travelling and it gets difficult to remember to go back to all the ones you wanted to comment on.

      I wouldn’t say you’re a small fry – but you’re certainly not as big as you deserve to be! Your blog is one of my favourites, which is why since I found it I’ve been making a real effort to keep commenting on it!

      Thanks for the input :)

  31. Teehee. Lovely pledge and I promise to abide by it too :) Should place a picture of it on my blog so I don’t forget. I have to admit, I do read as many blogs as I did years ago, just don’t bother commenting out of sheer laziness :( Pathetic but true. Will make sure to do so from now though! :D

  32. I love to comment, to show appreciation for the blogger’s hard work. I find that if there are already many comments on a particular post, I don’t comment. I guess I figure if there are so many, that mine doesn’t really matter. For the really established blogs, I just worry that the person is so “famous” that they wouldn’t care about my boring little comment. Hopefully that’s not really true!

    1. Thanks for your comment! I don’t think it is true that all ‘famous’ bloggers don’t care, but I do think there’s a bit of a pattern that the ‘bigger’ you are, the more likely you are to take it for granted.

  33. I have had this in my head for so long – how come I always comment on blogs, know these bloggers follow me too but never see any comments from them? Why aren’t we supporting eachother a bit more?

    Then I noticed my Google Reader getting fuller and fuller If I don’t read up on it daily it can easily be at 250 blogposts in 2-3 days. When there is that much to read sometimes I am tempted to click “mark all as read” or just quickly click each post and only comment if it’s super unique or anything.

    Now I just let it get fuller and fuller, and just slowly work my way through it and comment on most posts. There is always something you can say about it and in the end – wouldn’t I want the same for my blog?

  34. Funny, because I don’t like blog comments… in fact I have mine disabled! Somewhat because I barely have time to get posts written and would be concerned that if I got comments and didn’t answer them (which I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t have time for) that I might offend… the other reason being down to trolling – I can’t be bothered (same time constraints) having comments on moderation and I don’t want to see nasty comments (if I don’t moderate). I do myself comment occasionally on posts, but not a huge amount. So it’s interesting to note that people would mainly prefer comments than not!

  35. I see I’m fashionably late to the party on this one :) but there are two main reasons I don’t comment on blogs as much as I once did:

    1. Like another commenter mentioned I now read all my blog via Google Reader so it’s easy to scroll from post to post neglecting to comment
    2. The drama in the beauty community over the last few years has put me right off wanting to get involved. It’s makeup for crying out loud, why so much bickering???

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