Review: GOSH All-In-One BB Cream

Say hello to my new favourite base product! GOSH All-In-One BB Cream*. I’ve been using it every single day for weeks, and I know it’s a definite repurchase.

It acts as a foundation, primer and moisturiser and SPF simultaneously and has just the right amount of coverage for me, somewhere between a tinted moisturiser and a light-medium coverage foundation.

There are 5 shades in the range, which doesn’t sound a lot at all, but GOSH claim that they can cater for all the skin tones under the sun between just those 5 shades with what they call ‘Colour Adapt’ technology. We’ve all seen and heard of a lot of products that claim to adapt slightly to your skintone. I’m not a million percent sure how much truth there really is to these products, but I have a perfect match in the GOSH BB Cream so frankly, I don’t care! Haha.

The 5 shades range from very, very light (that’s my shade of course! 01 Sand) right down to dark chocolate brown. It’s amazing to see a high street brand catering for Casper-skinned ladies like me and ebony beauties at the same time.

Above is the amount of product I need for my whole face – which means the 30ml tube should last me a fair while. I love the feel of this on my skin, and it’s waterproof too which means sweatproof – it was an absolute lifesaver in that little heatwave we had a couple of weeks ago (come back, sun!). It applies really well with the fingers, actually – I discovered this when my beloved Real Techniques Buffing Brush hadn’t dried from its last wash – but I still prefer to really buff it into the skin. It’s very buildable as well, you can quite comfortably add another layer if the coverage isn’t quite enough for you on a particular day without the dreaded caked look.

I find the product really moisturising – it never exacerbates the dry bits round my nose – but despite being moisturising it works nicely with my skin which as you know is super oily for the most part. It would be amazing for drier skins thanks to the hydrating properties. And obviously it scores extra points for containing SPF15!

Okay, before and after time. This is probably the first foundation review I’ve ever written where I’ve not cringed at the Before photo! My skin’s not in bad shape at the moment – thanks, Clarisonic! – but you can still get a good idea of what it looks like on the skin.



So, what do you think? Are you liking the look of the newest BB cream to hit the market? Will you be trying it out?

GOSH All-In-One BB Cream is priced at £9.99 for 30ml and is hitting Superdrug stores nationwide this week – your local one might already have it!

18 thoughts on “Review: GOSH All-In-One BB Cream

    1. I think this is one of the most reasonably priced ones! I would have thought BB creams would be good for more mature skins because they’re so hydrating and mature skin tends to be drier. This one’s got more coverage than others – except maybe Illamasqua Skin Base!

  1. I have to try this, Gosh has my favorite foundations and a good color range for people with light skin like me. I’ve tried Rimmel, Chanel, Bourjois and I always go back to Gosh

    1. I’d never looked at GOSH foundations before actually, which seems ridiculous. I never even knew they catered for such light skin as that’s quite rare for a pharmacy brand!

  2. I am so in love with BB creams lately – I was buying all that I could to test out.. I like the sounds of this one, I just might have to try it out.. Though my Lioele BB cream is my favourite thus far!!

    1. Ooh, I’ve never heard of that one before – do you have a review? I’m getting quite into BB creams now, there’s quite a few I want to try out. The Bobbi Brown one is top of my list at the moment!

  3. i have the 02 beige one, you are absolutely right, coverage is amazing, everytime i use a drugstore foundation/tinted moisturizer I have to use veeeeeeeery much of it, did the mistake with gosh bb cream as well.
    So far I really like it, and hopefully wont be breaking out.
    Their a/w mascaras is very much a must to look at as well!

  4. This is a very detailed review that I’ve been searching for all this time. Thanks for sharing with us your review. I will wait for your another bb cream reviews. Best wishes!

  5. I am dark skinned and normally have a nightmare trying to get a ‘tone’ match. I normally use Bare Minerals Matt finish as I have problem skin and found that it didn’t irritate.
    I’ve tried this and I like it a LOT. Matches my skin tone and colour and doesn’t feel like a mask.
    I have a greasy T zone and dry cheeks. I find it works well in both and is very moisturising. I still have a bit of a shine by the end of the day but find that if I run clean fingers over my face it lessens. Also it doesn’t irritate my skin.
    I’m glad I bought this even though I was supposed to buy the one by Sleek (which came heavily recommended by several friends who’s skin colours range from cafe au lait to mahogany) – they didn’t have my shade in stock!. I have now in turn highly recommended this to them as an viable alternative.

  6. I love this product so far! I like that it has light coverage, because I hate the cakey feel of most foundations, and my skin gets super itchy if it can’t breathe. And Gosh is one of the few brands that remember pale skinned people exist, too. Probably because it’s a Danish company. :)

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