Polishgasm: The Make Up Store Britta

CORRRR. I have fallen in love with Make Up Store polishes in a big way. Every one I’ve tried has been nothing short of stunning, particularly Britta, this beautiful baby pink holographic.

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago and I’ve only just noticed what a messy paint job it was, so excuse the mess on my fingers and LOOK AT THE NAILS.

It’s very unassuming in overcast lighting conditions, but get it under sunlight (or even better, artificial light) and BAM!

Have you tried any polishes from The Make Up Store? If not, why not?! Seriously, you’re missing out.

14 thoughts on “Polishgasm: The Make Up Store Britta

    1. I’d heard of them a long time ago but only tried some of their stuff quite recently. I’m LOVING them, so many amazing products! Got a glitter eyeliner coming up soon :-) x

  1. So pretty! Not sure we have the brand in the States though D: Hopefully soon!!

    On a different note, I noticed that you enabled comments that don’t require account sign-ins. Thanks for making it so much easier for readers like myself to share our love!

    1. Wow, really? I would have thought you would have it in the States! And yes, I added that option a few weeks back – to be honest, I never even realised it was turned off! :-)

  2. We just love your work! Is it ok if we post the pictures that you take of our nail polishes on our global Facebook page along with your name and a link to your blog?

    Best Regards,
    Make Up Store

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