Polishgasm: The Make Up Store Asun

PHWWOOOARRR. As always with Polishgasm posts, not too many words. This is Asun, a rather bloody beautiful nail polish from The Make Up Store.

It’s a sheer red jelly packed with amazing holographic hexagonal glitter – they are hexagonal, but they almost look round. There’s also a lot of teeny tiny holographic glitters in there. I wouldn’t dream of trying to wear this alone as the base has basically no pigment, so I layered one coat of it over China Glaze Skate Night.

What’s especially lovely about Asun is that it’s so easy to apply. With most polishes that contain large glitters, it’s a pain in the arse to distribute them evenly on the nail. Not with this though – it applies more or less as well as any regular polish.

As far as I’m aware, there’s only 2 Make Up Stores in the UK, both in London – at Westfield Shepherds Bush and on Carnaby Street. If you know otherwise, please do let me know! Now I’ll be quiet and you can enjoy the sparkly sequinned loveliness.

25 thoughts on “Polishgasm: The Make Up Store Asun

    1. Use the foil method! Soak pieces of cotton pads in remover, stick on your nails and wrap the tips of your fingers in tin foil to keep them in place. Wait 5-10 minutes, pull them off et voila, perfectly clean nails!

      I never used to wear glitters until I learned about that – now I wear them all the time! :-) x

    1. Unfortunately I don’t think so – I have had a look but can’t seem to find anything! :-(

      The website has good pictures of what they sell though, if so you want anything picked up just let me know, I’m pretty close to the one on Carnaby street :-)

  1. No lie, I was tidying yesterday and came across a copy of their pamphlet and this polish caught my eye and I thought to myself I must check this out when I’m in the store next and then you post a swatch :-) Now I have seen your lovely swatches I don’t think I’ll be getting it as I have quite a few polishes with the dame sort of glitter in clear bases.

  2. I have been eyeing this a couple of times, and I think it’s really pretty. I’m sure it can be layered over others colours than red. How much is a Make Up Store polish in the UK?

  3. Aww I went to Carnaby St in June and wanted to get this but they didn’t have it =( I ended up with 3 others though! I bought some of their holo’s in Sweden and they’re amazing, you should get them if you don’t have them already!

    1. I swear every time I go in there something I want is ALWAYS out of stock, such a pain! If you still want Asun I’m happy to pick it up for you if its in stock next time I go by Carnaby St way? I’ve got a couple of the holos, Britta and Charmaine that I used in my holographic splatter manicure a couple of weeks ago but the others have been out of stock every time.. they WILL be mine eventually!

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