Inglot Eyeshadow Collection & Swatches

I need you to imagine something whilst you look at that photo. Imagine the clouds parting, a beam of heavenly light shining down onto it and a chorus of angels singing ‘Hallelujah’. Then you might get a bit of an idea about how HAPPY I am that I have finally filled my Z Palette with Inglot eyeshadows!

It’s taken me a good 2 and a half years since I first bought Inglot eyeshadows, but I’ve fiiinally done it. The most fun part was deciding which order they should all go in once I had all 18 of them. Oh, and excuse the thin long ones right at the bottom – they’re Urban Decay, and they’re only there to fill space.

Inglot make my favourite eyeshadows. They are so beautifully pigmented, soft and buttery, easily blendable, a range of wonderful finishes, the colours never fade throughout the day and I never experience fall-out with them. And they’re an absolute bargain to boot; Inglot Freedom Palettes can get quite expensive because you’re paying a lot for the packaging, but the singular eyeshadows pans that you can put into your own magnetic palettes are just £4.50 each which is an astoundingly good price for the quality of these.

My only teeeeny tiny little gripe with Inglot eyeshadows is that they have numbers rather than names. I know the name of nearly every product in my collection but numbers are much harder to remember! Obviously that has no reflection on the actual products, though, and really I use these frequently enough that I’ve remembered most of the numbers now anway! Inglot have such a HUGE array of products it would probably be impossible to give them all decent names.

So, SWATCHES! I have swatched the shadows in rows on my hand, in groups of the columns they are in within the palette. Hope that makes sense!

Matte 353, DS467, Matte 341

AMC Shine 11, Pearl 407, Pearl 397

AMC Shine 25, Pearl 605, Pearl 607

AMC Shine 12, Pearl 421, Pearl 452

DS502, DS458, Matte 326

Pearl 419, Pearl 444, AMC63

I just love every single shade in there. They’re all so bloody beautiful. It has made me feel kind of sad though, that I’ve finished it. I think my next project will be a palette of the Rainbow eyeshadows!

As far as I’m aware, the only place in the UK that you can buy Inglot in store is at Westfield Shepherds Bush. Thankfully though, you can now shop online.

Do you have any Inglot eyeshadows? What are your favourites? See any colours in my palette that you’d like?

30 thoughts on “Inglot Eyeshadow Collection & Swatches

  1. i have zero inglot eyeshadows buy looking at your swatches, boy are they fine. :D im so proud of you filling up your z palette! it’s amazing how it never occured to me that those shadows were sperate pans… until u just mentioned it. i really thought i was looking at a new inglot pan with zebra casing. D:

    1. Thank you :-D yes, they are wonderful – hands down my favourite brand ever for eyeshadows. And it’s so much more cost effective buying the separate pans, the Inglot Freedom System gets really expensive when you use their own palettes.

    1. Thank you! 419 is amazing, I’m not really into greens but it was so lovely I had to have it. It looks amazing smudged over Pixi’s eyeliner in 2nd Star Twinkle :)

  2. I have a few Inglot shadows from IMATS 2011 but the stand was crazy at IMATS 2012! I’ve been wanting to pick up a few shades online but decent swatches are hard to find, so thank you for yours!

    1. You thought so? I found the Inglot stand much more breathable at IMATS this year than it was in 2011! No problem, there’s really not a lot of Inglot swatches out there which is a shame – and also a pain for buying online!

  3. Love love love Inglot eyeshadows!! Pearl 407 is a gorgeous colour, think I’ll have to add it to my collection. Well done on filling your Z palette Leanne :)

  4. Pearl 444 might be the next on my shopping list – it’s lovely. I love the Inglot eyeshadows I’ve got – stunning quality for £4.50. I know where my next shadows will be coming from! Matte 353 looks like it might be a dupe for MAC Brule? xx

    1. Bit sexy, innit? Ahh there’s no competition, Inglot are just my hands down favourite for eyeshadows. 353 may well be a Brule dupe, but I wouldn’t know ’cause I haven’t got it ;-) it’s just a matte highlight colour really, very similar to my skintone xx

  5. I use to work in Inglot and I can guarantee there’s not a single bad eyeshadow.
    You actually have most of my favourites but try 395 – it’s a shimmery highlight like a yellow-toned 397.
    Also 450 is a gorgeous shimmery auburn red which looks great with 452 that you have.
    I have lots of swatches on my website too if you want a nose :) just head to the Blog section x

    1. Oh my god, if I worked in Inglot I think I’d just move in and sleep there amongst all the lovely products! I can’t imagine there is a single bad one.
      Really helpful comment, thank you so much – I’ve bookmarked the Inglot post on your blog, what an amazing resource! Thanks again :-) x

    1. I think they launched the UK online store late last year or early this year. Shopping with them online is quite difficult though ’cause for some reason there aren’t many Inglot swatches about!

  6. I <3 Inglot! Great quality at great prices!

    Also re: shopping in-store; up here in Aberdeen we’ve got an Inglot counter in one of the shopping centres as well as a store just off the main street, so we’re very well equipped! (still waiting for a M.A.C counter though! >I )

  7. Ahhh I love Inglot too! I recently bought one of the ten piece freedom palettes and 3 shadows! I now can’t wait to get another 7! Fab review – the swatches have made me want to buy some right now haha!!


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