Glitter Gradient Nails

When I did these, I fancied something easy and sparkly – and it doesn’t get much easier or sparklier-erer than a glitter gradient. While we’re on the subject – THIS IS NOT AN OMBRE! I am a stickler for nail terminology, and I keep seeing people calling gradient manicures, ombre manicures. THIS is an ombre manicure – where a light to dark colour scheme is used across the 5 nails on each hand, and each nail is a separate colour. THIS is a gradient manicure, where the colour at the base of the nails graduates into a different colour at the tips.

Now we’ve cleared that up…! :-)

I used my beloved Kat von D No Regrets polish as the base colour here, a beautiful glass-flecked pink that really glows. You can see it’s a love of mine – I’ve actually used a noticeable amount of it!

The glitter I used for the gradient is Topshop Adrenaline, which I picked up on a whim a few weeks ago just ’cause it looked nice in the bottle. Luckily it looks just as lovely on the nail – a pale lavender-pink glitter with plenty of holographic bits in there too to keep it interesting. I didn’t even bother sponging this on – I just applied a thin coat of it from about halfway up the nail to the tip, then a second closer to the tip to intensify the colour there. Although I guess it was more dabbing motiong than actual painting, but I know you know what I’m talking about.

To finish it off I used Inglot XL-1 before my topcoat, which is a clear polish with a ridiculously pretty effect. It’s like, the world’s tiniest pieces of glitter that flash in the light, and it helped to blend Adrenaline into the base colour a bit more smoothly.

So, even though the pictures are a bit crapola (crappy overcast day when I did these!), what do you reckon? Are you a fan of gradients? Do you find them easier to achieve with glitters than with two creme or shimmer colours? I do!

Hope you like :-)

20 thoughts on “Glitter Gradient Nails

  1. I love it, I keep meaning to pick up Adrenaline whenever I make an online Topshop order but always forget, I love topshop polishes but my local one doesn’t stock the beauty range! I’ve only just recently mastered doing a gradient with creme polishes but glitter gradients are way easier! And the whole glitter/ombre thing has been really bugging me too! :)

    1. Haha I seem to have a bit of a problem where I can’t get off the tube at Oxford Circus without going into the Topshop flagship store over the road and buying some polishes! And I’m glad I’m not the only one with the whole ombre/gradient thing, I was worried for a minute that I was just being an arse haha

  2. I have Ice Crush (the silver version of Adrenaline), wish I’d picked up Adrenaline instead as it’s a bit more unique!
    Really like the gradient look but I can never grow my nails long enough to wear it!

    1. Definitely, silver glitters with holographic particles are a penny a dozen these days but I think Adrenaline is really unique! Gradients work really well on short nails too :-)

  3. I saw this Topshop colour the other day, and was tempted but didn’t get it for some reason. Now I will have to go back for it because it looks really good on your nails!
    Really like this colour combination, reminds me of raspberries, with glitter!

    1. Thank you! I definitely recommend it, it’s lovely – it only takes a couple of coats to become opaque by itself as well, I have it on my toes too :-)

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