EOTD: Gold & Green (and lash extensions!)

Following on from my post about my Inglot eyeshadow collection the other day, I hope to show you quite a few looks using them. I did intend for this to be an FOTD post, but I was just having one of those days where none of the full-face pictures come out decent. Ever get those days?

Anyway! I used Kryolan Eyeshadow Base to start, and Pixi Catching Shadows Crayon for a champagne-y coloured base. I used Make Up Forever Aqua Pencil 23L in the inner corners, with a bit of Fyrinnae Nijiro eyeshadow on top. The main lid colour is Inglot AMC Shine 25 eyeshadow. I used a matte neutral eyeshadow a couple of shades darker than my skintone to blend out the edges and add subtle definition to the crease, with Inglot Matte 341 eyeshadow. A quick browbone highlight with Inglot Matte 353 eyeshadow finished the upper lid. On the lower lashline is Pixi Straight On Till Morning liner in 2nd Star Twinkle, and Inglot Pearl 419 eyeshadow on top. The black pencil in my waterline is Liz Earle eye pencil in Black.

As for what mascara I used… none! I got eyelash extensions* last week, and I’m bloody LOVING THEM. The complimentary treatment was arranged for me by Salon Addict – I’ll be posting more about it in a few weeks once they’ve all fallen out, but first impressions are astounding and I’ll definitely be going back to see Argy to get them done again.

So – have you ever had eyelash extensions before? How did you get on with them? Are you a fan of gold eyeshadow?

P.S. It’s my 21st birthday on Friday! I’m nearly a proper grown up. :-)

28 thoughts on “EOTD: Gold & Green (and lash extensions!)

    1. Thank you! Yeah I’m slightly afraid of that, I didn’t really think about it until after I’d had them done which was pretty silly! We’ll have to see how it goes though! x

    1. Thanks! I’d definitely recommend it – bit uncomfortable when you get them done but I imagine you get used to it if you get them done again. So worth it though!

  1. wow the gold looks amazing. I am a fan of gold eyeshadow in general so this is right up my street. Those eyelash extensions, all I can say is WOW they look so natural you would not even know they were extensions! I am so tempted to get some! :-)


    beckys makeup

    1. Thank you – yay, another gold fan! I’m glad you like the extensions too; when I first got them done I was a bit like WOAH they’re huge, ’cause my natural lashes are pretty rubbish but I quickly got used to them and I think they look pretty natural now too!

  2. Gorgeous! Your lashes look incredible, the thought of getting eyelash extensions kind of creeps me out because I have a phobia of people going near my eyes (opticians appointments are a nightmare!) but I’m tempted now because I want my lashes to look this amazing! I also can’t believe you’re going to be 21, I feel so old haha! xoxo

    1. Thank you! Yeah I was a bit worried about it because I get so twitchy when people come near my eyes, if ever someone else tries to do my makeup my eyelids twitch constantly but I was okay getting the extensions, I guess because my eyes were open so I could see when she was coming at my eye. I think they twitch if I get makeup done ’cause my eyes are closed and I can’t see when they’re coming at me so it make me jump when I feel something on my eye! Hahaha. And yes, I have always been one of the babies of the old school blogging crew :-) xxx

    1. Haha I was waiting for you to notice/ask you bitch! But thank you :-) ahh you should, I can’t imagine NOT doing the beauty stuff! Still can’t believe you sold all your shit. Maaad.

  3. Hi,

    Lashes look amazing! Can I ask which salon you got the lash Extensions from and who did it for you? I really want!

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