The Body Shop Chocomania

Have you got a sweet tooth? You NEED to try The Body Shop’s Chocomania range.

I’d heard of the range before, but wasn’t super interested in trying it because in my experience, anything that’s supposed to be chocolate scented just smells artificial and crap. I haven’t set foot in a TBS store for months, so I’d never actually tried it. Some weeks ago, my sister went to a TBS party and gave me a sample sachet of the Chocomania Body Butter. OH MY GOD. It smells absolutely incredible, actually like real chocolate. Real, proper chocolate! I used it once and couldn’t stop sniffing myself all night.

I immediately made an order on The Body Shop’s website, and luckily there was a discount code floating around so I got an absolute bargain on the products. I couldn’t just get the Body Butter, I had to try out the Body Scrub and Shower Gel as well!

I honestly love these products so much that I can’t WAIT to jump in the shower every day. The combination of the scrub and body butter is working nicely for my dry arms and elbows (although I don’t think anything will ever make the dryness on them permanently disappear). I just can’t stop sniffing myself after I’ve used these, the scent lingers on your skin for a good few hours and makes the bathroom smell delicious.

If you’re a choco-holic, you NEED to sniff these. Trust me.

7 thoughts on “The Body Shop Chocomania

  1. I had a sniff of the shower gel in store and it was amazing! I agree that chocolate scented products are usually pretty horrible but this stuff smelt good enough to eat it! x

  2. Aha, it was the sample sachet that did it for me too! Surprisingly this is one of the only butters that doesn’t make me itch after shaving! x

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