MUA Undressed Palette: Review & Dupe

Or as I prefer to call it, the MUA Deja Vu Palette!

A little while ago, I received a sample of bargain beauty brand MUA’s latest offering. A palette of 12 neutral shades, from light champagne to dark brown and gunmetal grey, ideal for taking your look from day to night with ease. Look and sound familiar? The below swatches are one swipe on bare skin.

Okay, if you still haven’t clocked it then here you go… MUA Undressed vs Urban Decay Naked!

I actually LOVE that MUA have totally duped the Naked palette. Even down to the name! Below, I have swatched the corresponding shades from each palette – UD on the left, MUA on the right. You can see that for the most part, the Urban Decay shades do tend to run a little more pigmented (particularly with the two matte shades) and whilst all of the colours look spot on in the pan, some of the MUA shades are slightly off when swatched. Even so – Bloody good job!

UD Virgin vs MUA 1

UD Sin vs MUA 2

UD Naked vs MUA 3

UD Sidecar vs MUA 4

UD Buck vs MUA 5

UD Half Baked vs MUA 6

UD Smog vs MUA 7

UD Darkhose vs MUA 8

UD Toasted vs MUA 9

UD Hustle vs MUA 10

UD Creep vs MUA 11

UD Gunmetal vs MUA 12

Urban Decay make some of my favourite eyeshadow colours of all time in the Naked palette – Sin and Half Baked are particlar favourites. However I don’t intend to buy Urban Decay products again since the selling in China drama so I am thrilled to discover a palette that’s a really good dupe. Like I said, even though some of the colours are a bit off MUA have done a really good job, and what’s more, the Naked Palette retails at something silly like £36, making it a whopping NINE times more expensive than the MUA Undressed palette at just £4. The real dealbreaker though, is that this pretty-bloody-good Naked dupe is from a brand that is completely cruetly free.

MUA Undressed is released on the 4th of July 2012 and will be available in Superdrug stores. I predict they will sell out very, very quickly and be difficult to get hold of for months if the success of the Heaven and Earth Palette is anything to go by! However, MUA recently opened their own webstore so if you can’t get it in store you may be able to grab it online.

This post is quite long enough now so I’ll save the accompanying FOTD for another post. Will you be picking up the Undressed palette?

39 thoughts on “MUA Undressed Palette: Review & Dupe

  1. That’s an amazing dupe! I saw some pictures and saw it was similar but these are almost identical. Some of the colours aren’t as pigmented as UD though… until I have enough money for the Naked palette I may pick up MUA’s version :)

  2. Fantastic dupe. I would still get it even though I own the Naked Palette, and would be more inclined to take it on hols or travelling too. MUA are spot on with this!

  3. I had a feeling the MUA might turn out to be a good dupe- thank you for putting them side by side so I can see properly! I can’t wait for this to come out in stores, I’ll definitely be buying one!!! :)

  4. Poor form MUA. Ok to make similar shades, but to copy even the order of the shadows is not on.
    Won’t be buying this, I already have the Naked Palette (£25 on Buyapowa)

    1. Really? I think it’s funny! I got my Naked palette from BuyaPowa too actually. But yeah, it’s not like Urban Decay have copyrighted the layout or anything!

    2. Yes, being on the receiving end of copying in the work I do (not make up related) I don’t think it is right for other companies to copy and under cut.
      MUA’s first neutral palette looks great and excellent value, but I think they’ve let themselves down straight copying some one else’s. Wouldn’t it be better for MUA to be talked about/be popular for producing great original palettes of their own, rather that popular for copying someone elses and making it cheaper?

    3. I definitely see where you’re coming from. Ordinarily I’d think it’s probably a bit of a cop-out but it’s just amused me no end because frankly Urban Decay deserve it right now. Although having said that, MUA will have been planning and developing this for quite some time so the whole Urban Decay in China drama has just put the cherry on top for MUA, I think. Realistically I don’t think the palette would be getting *quite* such a good reception if not for that. Schadenfreude!

  5. That’s awesome. I loovee my naked palette and always worry about the time that i’ll be running out of the colors. I’m not really prepared to pay that much again. I’d love to try this palette out :)

  6. MUA dupe is good but I feel as if UD is more vibrant (plus it last me throughout the day unlike MUA)plus BARCODE has them 45% off. I got a cheap one from barcode. It was $28 after everything.

  7. wow, incredibly useful post! i knew it was supposed to be along the same lines but had no idea how similar this was to the naked palette! i wanted it anyway, but now i must have this palette :D thanks so much for the comparison :) x

  8. wow i am so excited! i have to get this, theres a couple of colours i actually prefer the look of the mua ones :o! thankyou for this post! i am now following you :D x

    (i found my way here from HoLlYsAmAnThAa video on youtube :) x)

  9. OMG! the shades are so similar you dont know how much thankful I am for your this post. I always wanted UD Naked or Naked 2 but we dont get UD in my country but we do have MUA, so m gonna buy this one for sure… =)
    Thank you so much your new follower =)

  10. i am not saying this because i likes you but if kanye were around he’d say that this is the beyonce of blog posts reviewing the undressed palette. I was a bit like meh about it before and now that you explained to me, I want it in my life

    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  11. I have wanted the urban decay naked palette for forever, then I saw your post and rushed out to get this! It was £1 off so it was only £3 but there was none left! Luckily my sister went into the drawer below the display and found another one!
    I just used three of the colours and they worked perfectly, some of the colours are very pigmented which was a suprise!

  12. I own both urban decay palettes!! I do have to say they look very similar. if u cant afford the ud palettes go for this one! very comparable colors. Ud are more tadly pigmented though. But great dupe!

  13. So you are boycotting UD because of their PR debacle. They never actually followed through with their plans to enter the Chinese market, and therefore DIDN’T compromise themselves with animal testing. None of us know what is to come with the L’oreal sale, but it is irrelevant for the point I’m trying to make.

    In your review you are extolling the virtues of a knockoff product that is MADE IN CHINA (read the small print on the back of the MUA palette – if you don’t know what “MADE IN PRC” means, google it) and is therefore fully compliant with the Chinese animal testing laws.
    Your claim in the 3rd to last paragraph that MUA is “a brand that is completely cruetly free” is a lie.

    Please stop misleading your readers.
    Thank you.

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