Topshop Hidden Treasure

When I picked up two of the Topshop Sisters of the New Moon nail polishes recently, this is the one I was actually going in there for. Allow me to introduce you to Hidden Treasure (not to be confused with the Sally Hansen or FashionistA polishes of the same name!). A TRUE affordable dupe for Chanel Peridot!

People touted Look Beauty’s Kimono as a Peridot dupe, but it’s definitely not – Kimono was much more golden and quite a bit more frosty. Hidden Treasure, though, is spot on. I don’t own Peridot so can’t do it side by side for you, but a friend of mine was wearing it recently when I was wearing Hidden Treasure and I swear to you they looked like exactly the same polish.

My pictures aren’t brilliant as they don’t capture the beautiful almost turquoise shift the colour takes on at certain angles. Just trust me when I say it’s lovely, and if you’ve always wanted Peridot but can’t bring yourself to part with Chanel prices for nail polish, then you NEED this.

Hidden Treasure costs £6 from Topshop in store or online.

Do you own Hidden Treasure or Peridot? Or both?

7 thoughts on “Topshop Hidden Treasure

  1. you’d never guess why i didnt buy this polish although i was after a peridot dupe: i dont like the design on the bottle. i usually love that dotty thing but for me, that colour is so special, i would have loved loved loved to have a more subtle (or plain) bottle cap: all black maybe.
    how silly is that for a reason. i am laughing at myself for having said it. i just bought kimono from look beauty. apparently kimono’s lasting power is … 25 minutes :( i am sure i am going to regret being so vane and not having bought ‘hidden treasure’ xx

  2. I have very similar colour from S-HE no. 317, Catrice has also this colour, Genius in the Bottle, but I think, that this one is better version :)

  3. Is Peridot the silvery version, in which case yes. Was slightly saddened that the pink hue didn’t come through as strongly, nor the green in Peridot as in the bottom it reminds me of a stag beetle’s almost iridescence. Never mind, still a stunning shade.

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