Late to the Party part II: MaxFactor Fantasy Fire

Here’s another bandwagon that I was pretty quick to jump on, but horribly slow to blog about! MaxFactor Fantasy Fire.

There’s not an awful lot of words required about it, to be honest. I bought five bottles (three to give away – make sure you enter if you haven’t yet, ends Monday!) – that’s how gorgeous it is. I already knew it was sheer when I bought it, so I swatched it over several colours to see how it would look, but I must say I prefer it on its own even if my photos do show a whopping 5 coats still with visible nail line. All the colours I tried it over just sapped at least one of the many colours that Fantasy Fire has in it.

I just love how multifaceted it is! Naturally you can see that the dominant colour is purple, with red shimmer particles in it – but from certain angles you can see bits of orange, gold, even turquoise. It’s a real chameleon, and pretty much a staple for everybody’s collection.

MaxFactor Fantasy Fire is available in Boots and Superdrug for £3.99 – it’s pretty easy to find now the hype’s died down a bit! Below are some nail wheel swatches of Fantasy Fire layered over some other colours. Some of them look okay, but I definitely still think it looks best on its own.

Layered over L-R: Illamasqua Scorn (black matte), Models Own Purple Mystique (purple shimmer), Illamasqua Propaganda (blue jelly), 17 Magnetic Blue (blue shimmer, obviously without the magnet), and sorry but I honestly can’t remember what the last one was ’cause I did this so long ago! Hahaha.

So, are you the proud owner of a bottle (or five) of Fantasy Fire? What do you think of it?

26 thoughts on “Late to the Party part II: MaxFactor Fantasy Fire

    1. Lol say what now? How would the length of Leanne’s nails (which I think people are quite frankly jel of, I know I am!) make the polish look better or worse? I fail to see that logic.

      Nail length isn’t going to make a difference and they’re pretty much all the same anyway, no need for comments like that.

      Looks lush Leanneeee! :D

  1. I love it! I bought 4 lol – have worn over black and tonight over purple. Both gorgeous.I can’t stop looking at them when I’m in the bathroom under the halogen lights – really shows off the sparkle :)

  2. your respect for this polish is commendable, i love the fact you prefer to apply it on its own and we are very grateful for the time you spent applying all these coats. for me, this is the best polish of 2012.
    liloo /@tsunimee xx

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